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Nick Nicely « London orbital »

30 Mar




Nick Nicely ‎– Lysergia (Burger Records/2011)

Nick Nicely ‎– Elegant Daze: 1979-1986 (Captured Tracks/2011)


VADIM MUSIC FRANCE RIP (27-03-2003/25-06-2013 ) mon top 15 dans le désordre et avec sans doute forcement des oublis

30 Mar

















Stock 3.9

 Vadim Music 29 rue Bourgamon 38400 St Martin D’hères France






Le cinéma de Serge Gainsbourg -coffret 5 CD , Tirage limité (Emarcy/universal) disponible en avril 2015

30 Mar



Des morceaux de la BO longtemps perdue de Katmandou par Gainsbourg et Vannier dans le coffret Cinéma de Gainsbourg


1. L’eau a la bouche – Serge Gainsbourg
2. Angoisse – Alain Goraguer
3. Black march – Alain Goraguer
4. Les loups dans la bergerie – Alain Goraguer
5. Cha cha cha du loup – Alain Goraguer
6. Les loups dans la bergerie – Alain Goraguer & His Orchestra
7. Fuite du rouquin – Alain Goraguer & His Orchestra
8. Strip tease – Juliette Gréco
9. Some small chance – Alain Goraguer
10. Rendez-vous a la calvados – Alain Goraguer
11. Wake me at five – Alain Goraguer
12. Solitude – Alain Goraguer
13. Effeuillage – Alain Goraguer
14. Crazy horse swing – Alain Goraguer
15. Comment trouvez-vous ma soeur? – Serge Gainsbourg
16. Erotico tico – Michel Colombier
17. Rocking horse – Michel Colombier
18. Quart d’heure américain – Michel Colombier
19. Rendez-vous a l’eglise – Michel Colombier
20. Comment trouvez-vous ma sour? – Michel Colombier
21. L’escroc – Serge Gainsbourg
22. Scène de bal 1 – Michel Colombier
23. Scène de bal 2 – Michel Colombier
24. Chanson du forçat – Serge Gainsbourg
25. Le mariage de vidocq – Michel Colombier
26. Chanson du forcat II – Serge Gainsbourg
27. A vous de jouer, monsieur vidocq – Michel Colombier
28. Woom woom woom – Michel Colombier
29. Caressante – Michel Colombier
30. Wouaou ! – Michel Colombier

1. Sous le soleil exactement – Anna Karina
2. Jerks en cavalerie – Michel Colombier
3. C’est la cristallisation comme dit stendhal – Serge Gainsbourg
4. Photographes et religieuses – Michel Colombier
5. Boomerang – Jean Claude Brialy
6. Je n’avais qu’un seul mot a lui dire – Jean Claude Brialy
7. Anna – Michel Colombier
8. Le jardinier d’argenteuil – Michel Colombier
9. Les voyages du père la tulipe – Michel Colombier
10. French riviera – Michel Colombier
11. Dénouement et final – Michel Colombier
12. Breakdown suite – Michel Colombier
13. L’une et l’autre – Michel Colombier
14. Elisa – Serge Gainsbourg
15. L’horizon – Michel Colombier
16. Elisa – Serge Gainsbourg
17. Manon – Serge Gainsbourg
18. New délire again – Michel Colombier
19. New délire – Michel Colombier
20. Auto-stop – Michel Colombier
21. No no yes yes – Michel Colombier
22. Oh beautiful america/mister freedom march – Michel Colombier
23. Freedom rock/mister freedom – Michel Colombier
24. L’herbe tendre – Serge Gainsbourg
25. Ce sacré grand-père générique – Michel Colombier
26. Champêtre et pop – Michel Colombier
27. L’herbe tendre – Michel Colombier
28. L’adieu generique fin – Michel Colombier

1. Requiem pour un con… – Serge Gainsbourg
2. Psychasténie – Michel Colombier
3. Un noël – Michel Colombier
4. Joss a la calavados – Michel Colombier
5. Batucada meurtrière – Michel Colombier
6. Cadavres en série – Michel Colombier
7. La chanson de slogan – Serge Gainsbourg
8. Evelyne – Jean-Claude Vannier
9. Paris-bombay – Jean-Claude Vannier
10. Les chemins de katmandou (générique) – Jean-Claude Vannier
11. Jane et olivier – Jean-Claude Vannier
12. Transe party des haschichiens – Jean-Claude Vannier
13. Carte postale du népal – Jean-Claude Vannier
14. La horse – Jean-Claude Vannier
15. L’alouette – Jean-Claude Vannier
16. Western – Jean-Claude Vannier
17. Cannabis – Serge Gainsbourg
18. Avant de mourir – Jean-Claude Vannier
19. Danger – Jean-Claude Vannier
20. Dernière blessure – Jean-Claude Vannier
21. Cannabis – Jean-Claude Vannier
22. Sex shop – Serge Gainsbourg
23. Fontaine des innocents – Jean-Claude Vannier
24. Sex radio suite – Jean-Claude Vannier
25. Moogy-woogy – Jean-Claude Vannier
26. Close combat – Jean-Claude Vannier
27. Un petit garçon nommé charlie brown – Serge Gainsbourg

1. L’amour en privé – Françoise Hardy
2. Projection privée – Jean-Claude Vannier
3. L’amour en privé – Jean-Claude Vannier
4. Ballade de johnny-jane – Serge Gainsbourg
5. Je t’aime moi non plus – Jean-Pierre Sabar
6. Banjo au bord du styx – Jean-Pierre Sabar
7. Zanzibar – Jean-Pierre Sabar
8. Le choc est terrible – Jean-Pierre Sabar
9. Yesterday yes a day – Jane Birkin
10. First class ticket/yesterday on fender – Jean-Pierre Sabar
11. Mi corasong – Serge Gainsbourg
12. Passage a tabacco – Serge Gainsbourg
13. Chanson du chevalier blanc – Gérard Lanvin
14. Emmanuelle and the sea – Jean-Pierre Sabar
15. Goodbye emmanuelle – Serge Gainsbourg
16. Emmanuelle and the sea – Jean-Pierre Sabar
17. Sea sex and sun – Serge Gainsbourg
18. Melancoly suite – Jean-Pierre Sabar
19. Tapage nocturne – Bijou
20. Dieu fumeur de havanes – Jean-Pierre Sabar
21. La fautive – Serge Gainsbourg
22. La fautive – Don Ray
23. Je pense queue – Serge Gainsbourg
24. Dieu fumeur de havanes – Catherine Deneuve

1. Equateur (générique) – Serge Gainsbourg
2. Un cargo vers l’afrique – Serge Gainsbourg
3. Le physique et le figuré – Jean-Pierre Sabar
4. Dorothée (fuir le bonheur de peur qu’il ne se sauve) – Serge Gainsbourg
5. Accéléré historique – Serge Gainsbourg
6. En souvenir de fred a. – Serge Gainsbourg
7. Travelling – Jean-Pierre Sabar
8. Entrave – Jean-Pierre Sabar
9. Trave – Jean-Pierre Sabar
10. Travaux – Jean-Pierre Sabar
11. Charlotte for ever – Serge Gainsbourg
12. Stan/elodie – Serge Gainsbourg
13. La valse de l’au revoir – Juliette Gréco
14. Strip tease – Nico
15. La fille qui fait tchictitchic – Michèle Mercier
16. La noyée – Anna Karina
17. Hier ou demain – Anna Karina
18. Ballade de johnny jane – Jane Birkin
19. Goodbye emmanuelle – Serge Gainsbourg
20. Les chemins de katmandou – Fred Pallem
21. La horse – Marathon Men’S
22. Requiem pour un con – Serge Gainsbourg

the Happy Family ‎– The Man On Your Street (4ad/1982) and Matt Johnson ‎– Burning Blue Soul (4ad/1981)

30 Mar





THE NAMES – STRANGER THAN YOU (FACTORY BENELUX/2015) Available on 18/05/2015

27 Mar



Factory Benelux presents ‘Stranger Than You’, the fourth studio album by acclaimed Belgian cold wave group The Names, known for their early association with Factory Records and producer Martin ‘Zero’ Hannett.
Recorded in 2014, ‘Stranger Than You’ marks a conscious return to the sounds and styles explored on their debut album ‘Swimming’ in 1982. « There’s a strong element of reconnection, » explains singer / songwriter (and bassist) Michel Sordinia. « Yet at the same time it’s also about developing your own legitimate strangeness, just as the great Surrealist poet Rene Char invited his readers to do. A new mystery singing in your bones. » Michel and guitarist Marc Deprez are joined by new members Laurent Loddewyckx (drums) and Christophe Boulenger (keyboards and piano). Stand-out tracks include the dynamic title track,’Kids On Fire’ and quickfire ‘Boy With A Gun’, as well as more contemplative, elegiac numbers such as ‘Lights and My Angel of Death’. The cover art is an original painting by long term Names associate Benoit Hennebert, celebrated for his work as design director for Les Disques du Crepuscule, with portrait photography by Peter Staessens.(FACTORY BENELUX)


Mark Kozelek ‎– Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer (2000/Badman Recording ) and MARK KOZELEK – WHAT’S NEXT TO THE MOON (2001/Badman Recording ) REISSUE in 2015 in vinyl

23 Mar


First time on vinyl and limited to 2000 copies. Four years since Red House Painters’ ‘Songs For A Blue Guitar’ was released, with its near-legendary guitar solo on ‘More Like Paper’ (allegedly the reason behind the Painters’ parting of ways with their label, 4AD). Since then, legal difficulties have prevented the release of its follow-up, ‘Old Ramon’. Fans, therefore, must content themselves with this haunting, acoustic solo record from singer Kozelek in the interim. It’s as solemn, slow-paced and simmering as one would expect from the man who invented ‘slowcore’, but nowhere near as meandering as his main group could sometimes be. Songs like ‘Around And Around’ and the poignant elegy ‘Rose Marie’ have a Denver-esque quality to them, while Kozelek’s cover of AC/DC’s youth anthem ‘Rock’N’Roll Singer’ is almost unrecognisable. It’s amazing what a little minimalism will do.(rough trade)

 Record Store Day 2015 Release. Limited to 2000 copies and first time on vinyl. ‘​What’s Next to the Moon’ is a truly bizarre venture. Mark Kozelek, the long-standing maudlin singer-songwriter behind San Francisco’s introspective Red House Painters, has taken it upon himself to record blanched, acoustic versions of 10 songs by veteran Aussie metal monsters AC/DC. Kozelek is no stranger to cover versions, having previously tackled tracks by Neil Young, Simon and Garfunkel and Yes, but this particular pairing seems a risible mismatch. It’s hugely to his credit, then, that Kozelek bleeds from Angus Young and the late Bon Scott’s primal songs a beauty and melancholy that one would simply never have thought existed. Shorn of the originals’ noisome bluster and bravado, tracks such as ‘Walk All over You’ and ‘You Ain’t Got a Hold on Me’ acquire a plangent sensitivity, and even carnal howls such as ‘Love at First Feel’ and ‘Bad Boys Boogie’ resonate with a touching vulnerability. It’s a peculiar, unlikely triumph – who would have ever imagined that AC/DC were writing such tender, perfectly-formed gems before ladling their heavy-duty riffs all over them? Now, let’s just see Kozelek in Angus’s school shorts and cap.(rough trade)


Saint Etienne ‎– Boxette (4cd/Foreign Office ‎/2008)

22 Mar





Flight to Tashkent
Sushi Rider
Deutscher Kendals
Think Twice
Studio Kinda Filthy
We’re Coming in Loaded
Fife Coast
Fake ’88
Parliament Hill
Everything I Touch Turns to Gold
Stranger in Paradise
The Clothes Show
Suburban Autumn Lieutenant
Jaydip Pharmacy
Tomorrow Never Dies
Nazi Jaloux
Keep Nothing
Blofeld Buildings
Are We Gonna Be Alright
Andrew McCarthy
We’re in the City
Clothes Show (Sad Refrain)
United World
The Montana Gang
Magic Child
The Chemicals
Portrait Of Beau
Christmas 1936
Marcie Dreams of Deptford
Say It to the Rain
Departure Lounge
Summer Song
A Slavic Beauty With a Rose Between Her Teeth
Absolute Beginners
A Good Thing Demo
The Same But Different
Southern Train
Message in a Bottle
Kofi Annan
Puppy Love




10 unforgettable cover sleeves for 10 unforgettable indie pop albums

21 Mar





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SNEAKY FEELINGS – Send You (Flying Nun/1983/2015)

19 Mar


Filled with lush pop harmonies and southern psychedelia, Send You saw the the Sneaky Feelings expand their songwriting and sonic ambition beyond their early four track recordings. In comparison to some of their label mates the Sneaky Feelings exhaled a lighter, Byrds-like, touch but still retained the distinctive feel of many on the Flying Nun roster. With three band members (Matthew Bannister, David Pine and Martin Durrant) each contributing engaging songs to the album, Send You remains one of the great Flying Nun releases.

This deluxe edition will give a further detailed look at the band’s early material, with the album expanded to include a remastered version of Send You, plus songs from 1985’s Be My Friend 7”, Husband House EP and bonus tracks from their 1990 session at Dunedin’s radio 1, which featured on an earlier expanded CD release.

« Over the years there has been a lot of talk about the so-called ‘Dunedin sound’. Dunedin’s Sneaky Feelings were a band whose ambitions and interests went much wider than any generic ‘sound’; they would even come to be regarded as something of an anomaly on Flying Nun, home to the Dunedin sound. And 
yet their first album seemed to epitomize that sound, whatever it was.(flying nun)


MAZHAR & FUAT – Türküz Türkü Çağiririz!(2015/shadoks)

18 Mar


« Shadoks Music presents the first ever official reissue of this beautiful album from Turkey, incredibly rare as an original LP and as good as the best Koray/Manço tunes. The roots of the group begin with the meeting of two teenage boys, Aziz Fuat Güner and Mazhar Alanson, and their common interest in the same album, The Beatles’ Rubber Soul (1965). At the end of 1967 they began to work with Barış Manço and recorded many of his psychedelic period singles. In 1969 they recorded their first own single. In the autumn of 1973 Türküz Türkü Çağırırız!, their only LP, was released by Yonca Records. In the beginning of the 1980s another member joined and ever since they were Mazhar Fuat Özkan (MFÖ).Türküz Türkü Çağiririz! has a strong electric touch with powerful guitar effects, great vocals, some troubadour ballads, and mystical folk rock songs with a psychedelic touch. »