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La véritable musique est le silence et toutes les notes ne font qu’encadrer ce silence.Miles Davis

27 Oct









La musique doit humblement chercher à faire plaisir, l’extrême complication est le contraire de l’art.Claude Debussy

27 Oct



« Je suis sûre que mes disques se vendront bien mieux quand je ne serai plus en vie »Nico de son vrai nom Christa Päffgen

27 Oct




C’est par une dépêche brève et sèche que l’on appris la mort brutale de Nico en Juin 1988, une fin sans bruit et sans gloire pour la femme fatale, une hémorragie cérébrale et une minable chute de vélo sur un bas-côté



TITLE: My Funny Valentine
Format: 7″
Label: Beggars Banquet
Year: 1985


Il y aura des journées et des temps difficiles
Et des nuits de souffrance qui semblent insurmontables
Où l’on pleure bêtement les deux bras sur la table
Où la vie suspendue ne tient plus qu’à un fil;
Mon amour je te sens qui marche dans la ville.

Il y aura des lettres écrites et déchirées
Des occasions perdues des amis fatigues
Des voyages inutiles des déplacements vides
Des heures sans bouger sous un soleil torride,
Il y aura la peur qui me suit sans parler

Qui s’approche de moi, qui me regarde en face
Et son sourire est beau, son pas lent et tenace
Elle a le souvenir dans ses yeux de cristal,
Elle a mon avenir dans ses mains de metal
Elle descend sur le monde comme un halo de glace.

Il y aura la mort tu le sais mon amour
Il y aura le malheur et les tout derniers jours
On n’oublie jamais rien, les mots et les visages
Flottent joyeusement jusqu’au dernier rivage
Il y aura le regret, puis un sommeil très lourd.

Michel Houellebecq

(la poursuite du bonheur est un recueil de poème de Michel Houellebecq publie aux editions de la différence ‘en 1991 , quatre ans avant la première meche  médiatique que fut « ‘extension du domaine de la lutte ‘ »)



Music has no expiration date

27 Oct


Title: Greetings Three
Format: 12″ EP
Label: Materiali Sonori
Year: 1986


Title: Cold Heart
Format: 12″
Label: Creation
Year: 1986



Title: Received Transgressed & Transmitted
Format: CD Album
Label: Creeping Bent
Year: 2001

Music Is the Weapon of the Future

26 Oct



Club Africa VOL 1 ET 2 CHEZ STRUT RECORDS EN 1999 ET 2000

Mark Kozelek ‎– The Finally LP (Caldo Verde Records/2008)

25 Oct

mark k 001

As the exec and main signee of Caldo Verde Records, Mark Kozelek can release pretty much whatever he wants. This year alone has seen a full-length by his band Sun Kil Moon, which was packaged with a bonus disc of alternate takes; an LP of live and alternate takes that accompanied the U.S. publication of his book of lyrics; a live EP that came free with purchase at his online store; and finally a covers album. Rather than flood the market or dilute the quality of his output, these releases suggest Kozelek tinkers with his own and others’ compositions continuously. In this regard, he’s certainly no stranger to the covers album: His first solo release was 2000’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer, which included songs by AC/DC and John Denver, and he has since released full-lengths fully devoted to AC/DC and Modest Mouse. ButThe Finally LP is something a bit different even for him: a record of lovely instrumentals and covers of tracks from tribute and benefit albums.Finally may be LP length but it lacks an album’s cohesiveness. There’s no big statement here, at least not like there was with April, his second album with Sun Kil Moon. However, the looseness of the tracklist allows him to indulge some punishing metal riffs and howling emo madman vocals. Yeah, right. Kozelek is the king of somber and of course gives these covers his signature reading: slow, melancholy, full of stoic vocals and steady, shimmery guitar. This solemn take doesn’t work against the LP, but in its favor. The Finally LP is Kozelek’s own tribute of sorts, a nod to his array of idols and influences.The title comes from a song by folk singer Kath Bloom, who has experienced a resurgence of sorts in the past two years. Kozelek covered the song for Loving Takes Its Course: A Tribute to the Songs of Kath Bloom, out next year on her Australian label, Chapter Music. He gives it a tension that wasn’t present in the original: Bloom’s version was as much a valedictory as the title suggests, but for Kozelek, there are no promises in catharsis and no conclusion in the song. Such dourness, while not unexpected, has always threatened to become Kozelek’s default mode, but here his curiously pessimistic interpretation sounds raw and wounded, as if he hasn’t yet shaken off the darkness of whatever is finally coming to and end. His ruminative reading of « New Partner », from the 2006 comp I Am a Cold Rock, I Am Dull Grass: A Tribute to Will Oldham, develops that theme and storyline, creating an intriguing diptych about loss and renewal.He’s less successful with his cover of Stephen Sondheim’s « Send in the Clowns », off the charity comp Musicians for Minneapolis: 57 Songs for the I-35 Bridge Disaster Relief Fund. Kozelek grafts an effective descending acoustic riff onto the chorus and adds a slight lilt to the melody, but it’s still « Send in the Clowns ». Low’s « Lazy » fares better, as Kozelek’s voice cracks just enough to convey a strong sense of yearning. His delivery lends added gravity to « My Friend Bob », by Dom Leone (not Pitchfork’s Dominique Leone, but the late songwriter for Ed’s Redeeming Qualities), although his cover of AC/DC’s « If You Want Blood », recorded for Lisbon radio, isn’t appreciably different from the version that appeared on What’s Next to the Moon. There’s a hodgepodge quality to The Finally LP, but like his recent EPs, bonus discs, and live collections, it proves another essential non-essential.(Caldo Verde Records)


Brute ‎– Nine High A Pallet (Capricorn Records/1995)

23 Oct



Collaboration between Vic Chesnutt and fellow Athens, Georgia group Widespread Panic.