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Jimi Tenor & Kabukabu – Mystery Of Aether sur le label batave « Kindred Spirits ».

28 Sep

1. Selvanakija
2. Africa Kingdom
3. Suite Meets
4. Dance of the Planets
5. Curtain of Steel
6. Starstuff
7. Universal Love
8. Resonate and Be
9. AfroEuropean
10. Eternal Mystery


Ray STINNETT “A Fire Somewhere” : une réédition « Light In The Attic Records ».

27 Sep

1. Salty Haze
2. You Make Me – Feel
3. Silky Path
4. Wheel Of Time
5. Stop
6. Long Rivers Flow
7. America
8. You & I
9. Honey Suckle Song
10. Liberty Train
11. Naturally High
12. Loves In The Answer
13. A Fire Somewhere
14. The Rain

Ancien publicitaire puis manager d’actrices pornos, Jonny TRUNK ouvre en 1995 « Trunk Records », une maison d’édition londonienne spécialisée dans l’introuvable. Sans doute le label le plus excentrique de la décennie. Je vous recommande aussi son livre sur la « library music »: une bible, un sacerdoce.

25 Sep

Ryan from the MMs Bar – Ryan from the MMs Bar
Max Harris – Gurney Slade
Del Close and John Brent – Basic Hip
Marie Laforet – St. Tropez Blues
Maximilian – The Snake
Russ Garcia – The Lost Souls of Saturn
Dennis Farnon, Marnie Nixon – Very Contrary Mary
Eden Ahbez – The Wanderer
Bill Evans Trio – Peace Piece
Terry Thomas – Bring Back the Cat
Basil Kirchin – Mute 4
Attilio Mineo – Century 21
Billy Chapin – A Children’s Tale
Dr M.V. Mathews – Three Against Four
Jonny Trunk – Kenwood 2
Helen Merrill with Orchestra Conducted by Piero Umiliani – Willow Weep for Me
Barry Gray with Mike Sammes – Super Shell and ICA
Rolf Harris – Tie Me Kangaroo Down Cha Cha
Frank Hunter – Temple Bells
The Little Folk – Jimmy Whalen
Carole Crevelling – Star Eyes
Alex North – Love Theme from Spartacus
Children Of The Italia Conte School – Trees and Flowers
Paul Smith Quartet – My Favourite Things
Allan Gray, Queen Hall Light Orchestra – The Stairway to Heaven
Shake Keane – Bossa Nova Trieste
Wisbey and Jonny Trunk – Sports Activities
Shirley Collins – The Foggy Dew
Kenny Graham and His Satellites – Sunday
Chorus of the Children’s Opera Group – The Day Is Now Over


Carole Creveling with The Bill Baker Quartet – my Old Flame
My Ship
You Have Cast Your Shadow on the Sea
Better Luck Next Time
Long Ago
Star Eyes
This Heart of Mine
One Morning in May
Now We Know
Nobody Else But Me
Anything Can Happen With You
There’s No You


1 Out of This World

2 Stella By Starlight

3 A Journey to a Star

4 Deep Night

5 From Another World

6 Galaxy

7 Out of Space

8 On the Darkside of the Moon

9 When You Wish Upon a Star

10 Journey to Infinity

11 Stairway to the Stars

12 The Moon Is Blue

Les chemins vicinaux de la great Black Music by « Now Again Records ».

24 Sep

Loving On The Flip Side – Sweet Funk and Beat-Heavy Ballads, 1969-1977. 21 rare and unreleased tracks


I Don’t Think I’ll Ever Love Another – Darling Dears / Treat Me Right Or Leave Me Alone – Eddie Finley / Slippin Around – Thomas East / We Had True Love – Hot Chocolate / Since You’ve Been Gone – Little Janice / Merry Go Around – The Equatics / Love – Black Conspirators / Young Girl – Jazzie Cazzie And The Eight Sounds Whatcha Gonna Do? – Rhythm Machine / I’ll Give You A Ring – Ed Nelson / And I Love You – Darling Dears / Who Do You Think You’re Fooling – Symphonic Four / I’ll Find A True Love – Lee Bonds / What Am I Waiting For – Black Exotics / Is It Me You Really Love – Black Velvet / I Believe Our Love Has Gone Away – The Conspiracy / You Are Everything To Me – Primitive / At The Hotel – Eunice Collins / Are We Through – Hunts Determination Band / Together – Disciples Of Soul / 21 Who Do You Think You re Fooling (Symphonic Four)

Je suis un grand fan de l’australien Randall LEE de « The nice » et « Ashtray Boy » et ex « The cannanes ».

20 Sep

Depuis 1988 à Hoboken dans l’ombre des « Feelies » ou de « Yo la tengo », oeuvre SPEED THE PLOUGH. Hélas le groupe est encore trop méconnu dans nos contrées.

20 Sep

The « Speed the plough » est un combo de Hoboken à géométrie plus ou moins variable qui comprend deux membres de « The feelies »: Brenda SAUTER et Stanley DEMESKI.

WENDELL HARRISON -« Organic Dream ». Reissue by « LUV N’ HAIGHT ».

20 Sep


1) Ginseng Love
2) Winter
3) Love Juice
4) Peace Of Mind
5) The Wok
6) A Green Meadow

Arguably the best album legendary jazz musician Wendell Harrison cut in the 80s “Organic Dream” features the classic track “Love Juice”. The album’s quite a departure from the spiritual jazz he’s well known for, instead dipping into modern soul and R&B territory.

Magnificent Obsession

17 Sep

Robert George MEEK alias Joe MEEK est un immense producteur britannique ,moins connu que le maboule Phil SPECTOR, mais tout aussi talentueux et excentrique. Son influence, son inventivité son audace continuent d’influencer bon nombre d’artistes et de groupes contemporains.

La vie de Jean-Christophe MENU est une ode au support physique. L’ex mentor de l’association prend tous les risques. En 2012 il fonde sa nouvelle maison d’édition « Les éditions de l’apocalypse ». Voici les premières sorties.

16 Sep

DIFFUSION:  Editions Les Belles Lettres

Tunji OYELANA « A Nigerian Retrospective 1966-79 par le label « Soundway Records ».

15 Sep



« During the golden age of Nigerian music in the 1970s, as thousands of records were produced in a wide spectrum of styles and marketed to an immense audience of ardent consumers, very few people—including the producers of the music themselves—seriously entertained the possibility that any of these popular entertainments could be considered as “Art.”

Enter the multifaceted artist Tunji Oyelana. Equal parts singer-songwriter, actor, bandleader, dramatist, comedian and academic, Oyelana elevated the realm of pop music by infusing it with the poetic storytelling of Yoruba folklore. Backed by his crack backing group, The Benders (named for their ability to traverse–and blend a variety of styles) Oyelana blended the fashionable sounds of highlife, afrobeat, afrorock, funk, calypso, juju and reggae and transformed them into something timeless and utterly unique.

Tunji’s first records came out in 1969 but it wasn’t until two years later that the first record credited to Tunji Oyelana & The Benders, ‘Agba Lo De’ b/w ‘Koriko Nde’, was released. The record turned out to be the smash that put the name Tunji Oyelana & The Benders on the national map. More significantly, the record’s unique sound—along with that of Fela Ransome-Kuti’s ‘Jeun K’oku’ (‘chop and quench’), which arrived mere weeks before it—signaled the emergence of a new era and a new genre in Nigerian music.

Oyelana himself attributes his life as a professional artist to meeting Wole Soyinka, one of the unimpeachable doyens of Nigerian arts. They met in 1960 at the age of twenty-one, commencing a partnership that endured for more than five decades. In 1983, Soyinka joined The Benders for the album Unlimited Liability Company, which proved to be wildly popular with audiences across the country but angered Nigeria’s civilian government with its satirical critique of political corruption. Years later, Soyinka and Oyelana would run afoul of military dictator Sani Abacha while touring internationally with Soyinka’s play The Beatification Of Area Boy in 1996 and find themselves charged with treason, forcing them into exile until Abacha’s death in 1998.

For Oyelana himself, the golden age continues as he lives with his family in London and continues to perform several nights a week at Emukay, the restaurant and cultural centre that he runs with his wife, which has become a mecca for fans eager for the privilege of beholding a living legend at work. »

(Source Soundway Records)


Tunji Oyelana – Ojo
Tunji Oyelana – Lisabi Egba
Tunji Oyelana – Ipasan
Tunji Oyelana – Osekere
Tunji Oyelana – Fiya Jemi
Tunji Oyelana – Ifa
Tunji Oyelana – Ogun Adubi
Tunji Oyelana – Agda Lo De (LP version)
Tunji Oyelana – Iwo Ko Lo Dami
Tunji Oyelana – Omoba D’eru Ri
Tunji Oyelana – Jewele Jewele
Tunji Oyelana – To Whom It May Concern
Tunji Oyelana – Oloti
Tunji Oyelana – E Gbe Mi
Tunji Oyelana – Panbolanbola
Tunji Oyelana – Lenle
Tunji Oyelana – Aduke
Tunji Oyelana – Aiye Nla
Tunji Oyelana – Koriko Nde
Tunji Oyelana – Irawo Mi
Tunji Oyelana – Omonike
Tunji Oyelana – Agba Lode (Original 45 version)
Tunji Oyelana – Alaru T’Onje Buredi
Tunji Oyelana – Which Way Africa?
Tunji Oyelana – Ojo
Tunji Oyelana – Ipasan
Tunji Oyelana – Fiya Jemi
Tunji Oyelana – Lisabi Egba
Tunji Oyelana – Ifa
Tunji Oyelana – Osekere
Tunji Oyelana – Panbolanbola
Tunji Oyelana – Iwo Ko Lo Dami
Tunji Oyelana – Omoba D’eru Ri
Tunji Oyelana – Jewele Jewele
Tunji Oyelana – Oloti
Tunji Oyelana – E Gbe Mi
Tunji Oyelana – Lenle
Tunji Oyelana – Aiye Nla
Tunji Oyelana – Koriko Nde
Tunji Oyelana – Irawo Mi
Tunji Oyelana – Alaru T’Onje Buredi
Tunji Oyelana – Agba Lode (Original 45 version)
Tunji Oyelana – Omonike
Tunji Oyelana – Ogun Adubi
Tunji Oyelana – To Whom It May Concern