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« Spiritual Jazz 3″ killer compilation sur le label de Gerald SHORT  » Jazzman Records ».

28 Août


« At the end of the ‘50s, Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue heralded the revelatory arrival of modal jazz. As the vibrations of these giant steps resonated across the world, European jazz musicians reassessed their bearings and began to steer a new course. Across the continent they sent roots down into the rich soil of the European folk and Christian liturgical traditions, extended their music along ancient routes of communication and trade to the Middle East, and reached across the crumbling ramparts of the European empires to the music of Asia Africa and Latin America.

The music collected here follows the richly tangled threads of meditative, modal and religious European jazz. Picking up where Spiritual Jazz 2: Europe left off, with volume 3 continuing our excavation of private releases, underrepresented artists and visionary one-offs that stud the European jazz landscape like standing stones. Just as it had waxed, so the cult of American jazz waned, and these recordings are the compelling documents of a musical world in imaginative transition and virtuoso transformation – a second trail of determined footprints on the pathways of European jazz. THE MUSIC

Sublime choral jazz in an ecclesiastical setting, revolutionary sounds deep within the USSR, radical modal experiments inspired by excursions to the Asian continent and Latin America, advances in rhythm and sound where modern jazz combines with Balkan and Scandinavian folk traditions. This is Spiritual Jazz – European style. »

(Source Jazzman Records)


Je me souviens du label « Rosebud »….

26 Août


Je me souviens du label « Rosebud »  fondé par ALAN GAC à  Rennes en 1990. On lui doit les premiers albums de Philippe KATERINE qui sont pour moi de loin les meilleurs… Ou bien le come-back de Anna KARINA en 2000 et de PULP en 1992 (l’album « Separation » sous licence) ou les formidables » the Married Monk », groupe beaucoup trop sous estimé dans nos contrées. Y débute aussi « Chelsea » le premier  groupe d’Emmanuel TELLIER et les freluquets de Philippe LAVERGNE… Mais aussi les sémillants « The little rabbits », en1993 Le label tombe sous le giron de Barclay/Universal et disparaît ensuite. 

Le nom du label ROSEBUD provient du chef d’oeuvre du même nom,  l’ immense film d’Orson WELLES

LIGHT IN THE ATTIC’S RECORDS 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY ,ma sélection dans le désordre

25 Août

Light In The Attic Records
P.O. Box 31970
Seattle, WA 98103

SHIN JOONG HYUN:Beautiful Rivers And Mountains: The Psychedelic Rock Sound Of South Korea’s Shin Joong Hyun 1958
COMPILATION: Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love: Motown’s Mowest Story 1971-73
Lou Bond:by Lou Bond
Rodriguez:Coming From Reality and cold fact
Karen Dalton:In My Own Time
Bernard Purdie:Bernard Purdie’s Lialeh O.S.T.
Ray Stinnett:A Fire Somewhere
compilation:Never To Be Forgotten: The Flip Side of Stax 1968-1974
compilation:Listen, Whitey! The Sounds of Black Power 1967-1974
Wheedles Groove: Seattle’s Finest In Funk & Soul 1965–1979 Limited Edition 45s Box Set
Michael Chapman:Fully Qualified Survivor
Gabor Szabo:Jazz Raga

PERSÉVÉRANCE VOLUME 61,Et pour écouter tout cela, il suffit de cliquer sur la mention GET TRACKS sous la photo, bonne écoute

22 Août

photo:BRUCE DAVIDSON – Untitled, East 100th Street (Children in Window with View …

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Kurt Wagner is an American musician, and the singer and songwriter of the Nashville-based alternative country band Lambchop

22 Août

mon top 5 LAMBCHOP et vous??
Paperback Bible
soaky in the pooper
The Book I Haven’t Read
The Daily Growl

Brenda Ray « D’Ya Hear Me! : Naffi Years, 1979-83 » by EM records label made in japan

22 Août

Sweet post-punk, with a heartfelt reggae/funk influence, analog dub effects and lovely femme-vox. A unique slice of late-70s/early-80s goodness, starring Brenda Ray, whose previous release on EM Records, Walatta, has been embraced by a large number of listeners. Recorded in North West England, D’Ya Hear Me! is warm-hearted, open, fresh and slyly experimental.

With an independent spirit and a true D.I.Y. soul, these thirteen tracks, originally released in various formats by Ray a.k.a. Brenda Kenny a.k.a. Natalie Sand a.k.a. Polly Rith’m and her musical friends under the moniker(s) Naffi/Naffi Sandwich, were recorded in a simple home-made studio, making full use of the creative options opened up through the full use of simple means – although the warm, full audio belies any notions of primitivism. Far from media-crazed London, Naffi created a musical world free from lust for the spotlight, focusing solely on the music, and the results are fittingly pure.

D’Ya Hear Me! is a wide-ranging release, with lovely vocal tracks, warm dubs and pleasingly odd instrumentals, all knitted together with a special trans-Atlantic rhythmic sense. Two songs of special interest here are « Moonbeams » and the Young Marble Giants-esque « Everyday Just Another Dream », which are early versions of « Starlight » and « Another Dream » from Walatta. Also noteworthy are several previously unissued longer versions of some songs.
This year-round collection of summery breezes is available from EM on CD and LP.


1. The Scream
2. D’Ya Hear Me! (original version)*
3. Naffi Take Away
4. Krazee Music
5. Krazee Version
6. Take Me In Your Car (original full-length version)*
7. Maybe It’s Because I’m Not A Londoner (longer version)*
8. Moonbeams
9. Rahmatullah
10. Everyday Just Another Dream (longer version)*
11. Yummy Yummy Ya!
12. Spring Thing- Hippy Dread
13. D’Ya Hear Me! (demo)*

mon top 5 made in brazil dans le désordre et vous?

22 Août

Manduka — Brasil 1500 (1972)
Pedro Santos – Krishnanda 1968
José Mauro – Obnoxius (1970)
Ivan Lins – Modo Livre (1974)
Zé Roberto – Lotus 72 D / Você Tão No Alto E Eu Tão Pequeno un 7″ (1973)

L’oreille aiguisée volume 24

15 Août

le label teuton Bureau B basé a Hambourg réédite a tour de bras toute une série d’album krautrock essentiel,l’occasion de se souvenir que de joy division dans les 80’s en passant par stereolab dans les 90’s ou la fine fleur du label warp ou animal collective dans les années 2000,et tant autre groupe fière a bras qui trône dans nos discothèques ont tous d’une maniéré ou d’une autre pillé le Krautrock

9 Août

ANTIBALAS – SAMTE TITLED et ‘The Crossing’ by Menahan Street Band en octobre sur DAPTONE RECORDS

9 Août

Menahan Street Band’s Thomas Brenneck says that the « The Crossing » is « music to an unreleased Sergio Leone western starring the Wu Tang set in 1992. » The track will appear on Menahan Street Band’s upcoming album The Crossing, set for an October 31st release on Dunham / Daptone Records.

1 Dirty Money
2 The Rat Catcher
3 Him Belly No Go Sweet
4 Ari Degbe
5 Ìbéjì
6 Sáré Kon Kon