THE NAMES – STRANGER THAN YOU (FACTORY BENELUX/2015) Available on 18/05/2015

27 Mar



Factory Benelux presents ‘Stranger Than You’, the fourth studio album by acclaimed Belgian cold wave group The Names, known for their early association with Factory Records and producer Martin ‘Zero’ Hannett.
Recorded in 2014, ‘Stranger Than You’ marks a conscious return to the sounds and styles explored on their debut album ‘Swimming’ in 1982. « There’s a strong element of reconnection, » explains singer / songwriter (and bassist) Michel Sordinia. « Yet at the same time it’s also about developing your own legitimate strangeness, just as the great Surrealist poet Rene Char invited his readers to do. A new mystery singing in your bones. » Michel and guitarist Marc Deprez are joined by new members Laurent Loddewyckx (drums) and Christophe Boulenger (keyboards and piano). Stand-out tracks include the dynamic title track,’Kids On Fire’ and quickfire ‘Boy With A Gun’, as well as more contemplative, elegiac numbers such as ‘Lights and My Angel of Death’. The cover art is an original painting by long term Names associate Benoit Hennebert, celebrated for his work as design director for Les Disques du Crepuscule, with portrait photography by Peter Staessens.(FACTORY BENELUX)


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