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28 Fév


VINYL RECORD OF MY LIFE 55 : Graeme Jefferies ‎– Messages For The Cakekitchen (Flying Nun Records ‎in 1987)

27 Fév

ANNASSOUA JAZZ DE PARAKOU – un temps avec elle (discafric 1969)

27 Fév

VINYL RECORD OF MY LIFE 54 : Coulibaly Tidiani ‎– Coulibaly Tidiani (Sacodis in 1973)

27 Fév


Blueboy ‎– The Bank Of England (Shinkansen Recordings in 1998 and for the first time in vinyl in 2018 by A COLOURFUL STORM records)

26 Fév

« You’ve got to listen to this band, you’ll really like them, I know. » A Colourful Storm presents the first-time vinyl issue of Blueboy‘s The Bank Of England, originally released in 1998. The group of Paul StewartKeith GirdlerCath CloseIan Gardner, and James Neville are Sarah Records royalty alongside The Field MiceHeavenlyThe Wake, and The Orchids, and this is the final recording from arguably the most beautiful, afflicted band of ’90s indie-pop and DIY. One of the true treasures of modern pop music. Mastered from the original recording tapes with assistance from Sarah Records and Shinkansen Records’ own Matt Haynes



AFRICAN PEARLS VOL 1 (selected by Alexandre Persévérance)

26 Fév

listening here :


Supreme Dicks ‎– This Is Not A Dick E.P. (runt records in 1996)

18 Fév