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« LIGHT IN THE ATTIC RECORDS » réédite 4 albums de l’immense Marcos VALLE, parus à l’origine sur le label « Odéon » entre 1970 et 1973.

31 Jan




The World Needs Changing Street Funk And Jazz Grooves,1967-76 by « BGP records ».

30 Jan



Side 1

01)Head Start – Bob Thiele’s Emergency
02)All Power To The People Pt 1 – Joe Savage & The Soul People
03)The World Needs Changing – Hank Jacobs & Don Malone
04)Just In Time To See The Sun – Leon Thomas
05)See-Saw Affair – Cesar 830
06)Now Is The Time For Love Pt 1 – Darrow Fletcher
07)Free Will (Alt take 1) – Gil Scott-Heron
08)Walk Tall – Esther Marrow
09)Medley: Get Ready / Uptight – Little Eva Harris
10)Medley: American Woman / Sissy Strut – Willard Posey Reunion
11)Soul Patrol – The Original Soul Patrol
12)Do It (inst) – Johnny Griffith acc by Billy Sha-Rae’s Band
13)Love Hijacker (inst) – George Jackson
14)Expansions (7″ edit) – Lonnie Liston Smith
15)This Is The Me Me (Not The You You) – Richard « Groove » Holmes & Brenda Jones
16)Mr Perfect – Tina Bryant
17)That’s The Way It Goes – Elaine Armstrong
18)Mama Soul – Harold Alexander
19)Rudypoot – Huck & The Soul Patrol
20)Love Tones – Melvin Sparks

Buenos Aires Soul Raw Soul And Funk From Argentina 1968-1972 par le label « LA CREMA ».

30 Jan


From the compilers of the celebrated « Diggin’ Down Argentina » series, which offered some of the best obscure psych and freakbeat sounds you could ever find, here comes « Buenos Aires Soul », the first ever comp dedicated to the unknown and exciting Soul-Funk scene. from Argentina. After listening to these 14 tracks, youll wonder how its possible that such crazy and impressive music has remained buried for so long. Ultra-groovy sounds full of wild vocals, fuzz guitars, drumbreaks, horns, organs.Psychedelic soul, Mod-Soul dancers, raw Latin-Funk, wild R&B.Including many rarities like JUMBO (featuring Billy Bond on vocals!), BANANA with the dancefloor filler « El club de los Vampiros », THE SATANIC GIRLS with a bizarre cover of « The Beat Goes On », soulish freakbeat by BUCHANAN and more. All tracks taken from rare 45s and professionally remastered. Insert with pictures and detailed liner notes in English by expert Eduardo A. Elyzalde Pietruczyk.

01. JUMBO: Buenos Aires soul
02. CLAN EQUIS: Crash boing
03. ANTOINE Y LA PUSH & PULL BAND: Aprediendo a bailar
04. BANANA: El club de los vampiros
05. SAN FRANCISCO: Los muchachos de la banda
06. DYNAMITA: Sintiendo el ritmo
07. MANDINGA: Oscuridad.
01. BUCHANAN: Bim bam bum
02. THE SATANIC GIRLS: El ritmo continua
03. ARDE TROYA: Los amigos de mi barrio
04. HIELO: Un hombre de hielo
05. ALMA PURA: Vehiculo
06. MANDINGA: Nia piel de arena
07. THE TOPPERS: Caminando por Sunset.

20 ans déjà! Je souhaite un bon anniversaire à « Thrill Jockey Records », un label basé a Chicago et fondé en 1992 par Bettina RICHARDS. Voici ma sélection personnelle: j’ai volontairement occulté les artistes ou les albums les plus connus dans le but de vous faire découvrir la richesse de ce label.

22 Jan


« Sublime Frequencies » et « Mississippi Records » : voici ici un florilège de leurs derniers vinyles.

21 Jan







Coup de coeur: La diversité, la pluralité, la curiosité, l’ouverture d’esprit à 360 degrés sur toutes les musiques incarnées par les deux labels : « Sublime Frequencies » et  « Mississippi Records ».

Voici ici un florilège de leurs derniers vinyles.

Don’t Bend Ascend! La sélection de Mr Persévérance pour le mois de janvier 2013.

16 Jan

LÉONORE BOULANGER :Square Ouh La La (le saule)


Le label Londonien « Finders Keepers » (basé à Soho) réédite une formidable BO d’un film tchèque des années 70.

15 Jan

valerie bo

Presentation:   » it has taken Andy Votel almost 12 years to finally get his grubby vinyl-magnetic mits on the original studio recordings of this previously unreleased score. A futile decade of Eastern European phone calls, continental crate digging and eventually wicked web scouring confirmed that like most Czechoslovakian film scores ‘Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders’ never benefited from a commercial vinyl release and was condemned to a life imprisoned in the vaults of the original film production company sheltered from political duress and controversy for ever more… until now.




The Magic Yard

Talk With Grandmother

The Letter
The Sermon
Losing The Way
The Visit
The Work of Death
Dense Smoke
The Contract / The Wedding
The Punishment
Brother and Sister
The Letter 2 / Friends
In Flames
Questions and Answers
And The Last

Stuart BAKER de « Soul Jazz Records » via sa branche réédition « Universal Sound » réédite un classique Spiritual Jazz d’Oliver LAKE, l’album « Point From Which Creation Begins « .

14 Jan


1. Africa
2. Tse’lane
3. Electric Freedom Colors
4. Eriee
5. Zip

The Heliocentrics « 13 Degrees of Reality ». New album coming on April 16th by « Now again records ».

12 Jan

the helio

« Sublime Frequencies » reissues a 2xLP version of the 70′s rarity collection « Molam: Thai Country Groove from Isan ».

4 Jan


Presentation: « Molam is a multi-faceted folk music native to Laos and the predominantly rural Northeastern region of Thailand known as Isan – home to myriad ethnic groups and provinces, and once a part of present-day Laos. Mo meaning « master » and lam meaning « song », molam literally translates into « master singer », but it remains more of an umbrella term covering over a dozen types of lam styles in which male and female singers can be backed by a free-reed bamboo mouth organ called a khaen, indigenous lute-like instruments (the phin or the soong), a bowed fiddle called a sor and a percussion ensemble featuring finger cymbals and hand drums. Lam phun and lam sing are the two molam styles featured most prominently in this collection. Also in the musical family is look thoong, a slower, more tragic style, usually lamenting lost love and perpetual poverty. Examples are heard on tracks 10, 15 and 20. Costumed Isan comedy troupes called Talok incorporate hyper-eccentric molam and look thoong renditions with low, vaudevillian comedy and high social satire on stages and TVs throughout the country. Maniacal examples are heard on tracks 2, 8 and 11. The classic recordings featured here are selections from rare vinyl LPs, 45s and cassettes recorded in Isan and beyond between the 1970s and 1980s. This was a pivotal time when music of the region began to be electrified and integrated with Western instruments. When electric bass, effected guitars, electric organs, kit drums and horns played alongside the khaen and the phin. Molam had never sounded this way before -and due to the typically ephemeral nature of the music industry and the introduction of the modern keyboard workstation, molam will never sound like this again.

source:  » Sublime Frequencies »