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Playlist de l’émission PERSÉVÉRANCE vol 2 sur RADIO DIO 89.5 FM le 31/05/15

31 Mai


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Musique de Générique :Felt – Magellan (album: Ballad of the band maxi 45 tours -– Creation records- 1986)

Dokkerman and the turkey ing fellaz – Mango season (album: Illegal Love -– Tramp records – 2015

Jérôme Minière – L’ennui (album: Une île -– La Tribu – 2015 )

Daniel Darc – Une parenthèse enchantée (album: Créve coeur -– Universal – 2015 )

Ivan Lins – Tens (Calmaria) (album: Modo Livre/RCA VICTOR/1974)

Ivan Lins – Começar De Novo (album: A Noite -– EMI– 1979)

Jennifer Souza – Pedro and Lis (album: Impossivel Breve -– Novomundo – 2015)

Rodrigo Amarante – Mon nom (album: Cavalo -– Rough Trade– 2013)

Criolo – Cartao de visita (album Convoque seu buda/ Sterns Music – 2015)

David Campbell – Sky-Man and the Moon (album: Native North America Vol 1 -– Light in the Attic Music– 2014)

Philippe McKenzie –  Mistashipu (album: Native North America Vol 1 -– Light in the Attic Music– 2014)

Kona-  Alaj (album: Chansons de Russie -– Le Saule –2014) Ossétie Chant Traditionnel

Kassé Mady Diabaté –  Hera (album: Kiriké -– No Format !– 2014)

Music of Tanzania –  Malimba and song + Sitoti plays and sings in the Iraqw Langage (album: Music of Tanzania– Sublime Frequencies – 2015)

Folk Music of Sahel Vol 1 –  Bismillhia (album: Folk Music of Sahel Vol 1Sublime Frequencies – 2015)

The Mongolfier Brothers –  Even If My Mind Can’t Tell You (album: Seventeen Stars -– Poptones (label d’Alan Mc Gee)- 2000)

The Jazz Butcher  – When Eno Sings (album: Illuminate -– Creation records– 1995)

Kevin Hewick – Shells (album: Such hunger for love Cherry red records– 1983)

Momus –  Marquis of Sadness (album: Hippopotamomus –Creation records– 1991)



ABLE TASMANS – A Cuppa Tea and a Lie Down (Flying Nun records/1986/2015)

28 Mai


« Reissue of the Able Tasman’s 1986 debut full-length album ‘A Cup Of Tea and A Lye Down’ with bonus 12″ containing the bands first EP ‘The Tired Sun’ (1985) and three bonus tracks. »

The Nits ‎– Hotel Europa (Live Recordings 1990 – 2014/ Werf Records /2015)

27 Mai



Five Fingers 2:28
Schwebebahn 4:42
The Hours 3:33
Hawelka 3:28
The Flowers 4:06
Mrs. Sunlight 4:21
Lenin And The Wounded Angel 3:21
No Man’s Land 3:53
The Long Song 4:24
Les Nuits 6:33
The Red Dog 5:01
The Pizzeria 2:35
With Used Furniture We Make A Tree 2:53
Rumspringa 6:07
Eifersucht 3:30
Walking With Maria 4:13
26A 5:08
Ivory Boy 5:02
Three Sisters 4:28
Whales Of Tadoussac 3:48
Homeless Boy 5:06
dA dA dA 4:13
Ting 4:27
Cars & Cars 4:49
Tree Is Falling 4:29
Boy In A Tree 5:51
Giant Normal Dwarf 3:23
Around The Fish 4:00
The Infinite Shoeblack 5:23
Apple Orchard 4:13
Dutch Mountains 3:33


Michael Head and The Strands to release ‘The Olde World’, June 29 and reissue ‘The Magical World of The Strands’, July 13 (megaphone records)

27 Mai


New album with unreleased tracks and remixes from the sessions of classic album ‘The Magical World of The Strands’, produced by Oasis producer Mark Coyle. After a couple of demos for the French promoter who paired him with his childhood hero Love’s Arthur Lee in 1992, Pale Fountains and Shack legend Michael Head entered a Liverpool recording studio the following year, with a new project in mind, ‘The Strands’. Michael teamed up with his brother and lifelong companion, John, his long-time drummer Iain Templeton and two new recruits, Michelle Brown on bass and Les Roberts on flute. The recording sessions would last two years and were only halted because Michael was offered a new major label deal. A deal, not for his current work, but for him to record as Shack again. So it came to be that Stephane Bismuth, the French promoter, was left with 100 or so minutes of a thwarted project, only a third of which had made it to the mixing studio in Sheffield in the summer of ’95. Patch-working and weaving rough mixes and sketches – by engineer Steve Powell, made in Liverpool – with completed mixes by producer Mark Coyle who had hired an arranger and string section for sessions in Sheffield, Stephane Bismuth founded a new label Megaphone and finally released ‘The Magical World of The Strands’, in autumn of 1997. This work-in-progress comprising sketches, rough mixes and fully orchestrated tracks, garnered great critical acclaim and is still rated by many as the rarest jewel of the 90s. Still, a whole hour’s worth of recordings had not made it onto the album and, over time, the label – by now also known for its discovery of the late Karen Dalton in 1999 – along with original producer Mark Coyle, delved deeper into the tapes, found further gems, altogether different yet true to the original and entirely worthy of a second album. In 2014 Megaphone and Mark Coyle agreed to pursue and realise this album, using both unreleased songs from the sessions as well as songs from the original album which they felt deserved a new lease of life.


Michael Head’s 1997 classic album

‘The Magical World of The Strands’

is given a sibling 20 years after its completion :

‘The Olde World’

‘The Olde World’ is released on 29 June, followed by a reissue of ‘The Magical World of the Strands’ on13 July, both on Megaphone, digitally, on CD andvinyl.

The version of this song on 1997’s ‘The Magical World of the Strands’ was an acoustic rough mix. This full band version feels like lifting a veil, uncovering all the hidden tracks from the original recording.

‘It’s Harvest Time’ is the first track on ‘The Olde World’ listen on 

2015 is a busy year for Michael Head

His second record as ‘Michael Head and the Red Elastic Band’ has just been released on his own label, Violette – ‘Velvets in the Dark’ 7 inch single. Shack’s 1990 single ‘I Know You Well’ opens ‘Perfect Motion’, Jon Savage’s 2LP compilation as “a musical return-trip to these fondly remembered years spanning 1988-93”.

Plus, Megaphone is set to release both ‘The Magical World of The Strands’ in its original form with a new extensive booklet, and ‘The Olde World’ as an exclusive new album of recordings from the same sessions. Last but not least, Michael plans his first gigs as ‘Michael Head & The Strands’ promising to play his classic album ‘The Magical World of The Strands’ in full.

After a couple of demos for the French promoter who paired him with his childhood hero Love’s Arthur Lee in 1992, Pale Fountains and Shack legend Michael Head entered a Liverpool recording studio the following year, with a new project in mind, ‘The Strands’. Michael teamed up with his brother and lifelong companion, John, his long-time drummer Iain Templeton and two new recruits, Michelle Brown on bass and Les Roberts on flute.(with guitars)


Dokkerman & the Turkeying Fellaz – illegal move (Tramp Records/2015)

26 Mai


Hungary may be a small country but it punches above its weight when it comes to the funk!

Formerly of the Eastern bloc, the cultural and musical heritage of this part of Europe is every bit as rich the likes of West Africa and as such it is a melting pot bubbling with rhythms and influences. Now imagine, if you will, some of this Eastern European brew sprinkled with a little bit of afro spice and then blended with a massive dose of classic heavyweight Stateside funk and you’ll have some idea of what Dokkerman & The Turkeying Fellaz (D&TTF) are all about.

The nine piece band, lead by drummer Peter Zimon, contains a tight rhythm section, a tight horn section and the ability to lay down a bad-ass groove – which collectively results in a raw and dirty old-school sound that recalls the funky golden era of the ’60s and ’70s. And yet the band also has that which differentiates it from the likes of Ikebe Shakedown or the Menahan Street Band in singer Gabor « The Flame » Hoffer whose chants offer added Magyar rawness.

In short, D&TTF breathe new life into vintage funk and trashy garage rock underpinning everything with afro-funk rhythms in a unique addition to the contemporary scene that’s guaranteed to make you move. In fact it’s so danceable it should be made illegal.(TRAMP RECORDS)

A New Life: Private Independent and Youth Jazz in Great Britain 1966-1990 (JAZZMAN RECORDS/RELEASE DATE 6/23/2015)

26 Mai


Thought you knew about British jazz? Think again. Diving into the unknown world of the private pressing, Jazzman Records presents some of the rarest and wildest British jazz ever recorded! The major stars of British jazz such as Stan Tracey, Michael Garrick, and Joe Harriott are now rightly recognized as the giants they were, and the legendary Brit jazz recordings of the 1960s are amongst the most highly-prized of all collectable records. But what happened to jazz in the UK when the recording industry lost faith in it? A New Lifeis the first survey of British jazz labels and musicians that went their own way in the 1970s, bringing to the light the unknown indie gems and outsider private pressings that let jazz musicians keep the faith into the 1980s. From the time-bending spirit music of London’s Lori Vambe to the psych-jazz of Birmingham’s Poliphony, via Spot the Zebra‘s jazz dedication to David Attenborough and Indiana Highway‘s modal Christmas carolling, A New Life chronicles a compelling selection of lost and obscure jewels of the British jazz underground. Compiled by Francis Gooding and Duncan Brooker (the team responsible for the acclaimed Next Stop Soweto series), and presented with comprehensive and detailed liner notes with pictures and information on each track, created from interviews with the musicians involved, A New Life is the first major British jazz collection since Gilles Peterson‘s Impressed series (2002-2004), and the first ever to shed light on the forgotten legacy of independent, regional, and experimental Brit jazz.(JAZZMAN RECORDS)


  1. Joy Martini – Sweet
  2. Nottingham Jazz Orchestra – Sixes and Severns
  3. Billy Jenkins with the Voice of God Collective – High Street / Saturday
  4. London Jazz IV – Death Is Near
  5. Graham Collier – Darius
  6. Spot The Zebra – Living Planet
  7. Quincicasm Trent – Park Song
  8. Poliphony – Cameo
  9. Lori Vambe – Drumsong (One)
  10. Frank Evans – The Bistro Kid
  11. Edge – Danielle and the Holly Tree
  12. Indiana Highway – We Three Kings
  13. Walsall Youth – Jazz The Dragon


26 Mai


These recordings pull back a curtain to reveal the mysterious world of Syntoma and early-’80s underground Mexico. Syntoma was founded by Alex Eisenring in 1980, made use of synths and drum machines, and was driven by a freedom-seeking DIY ethos informed by a « rock-jazz-prog-experimental » background. These ’70s-born influences throw crazed funhouse mirror reflections onto later Kraftwerk, UK synth-pop, post-punk, and pure pop forms. The first five tracks are instrumental, evidencing some intelligent melodic and harmonic conceptions; the same can be said for the remaining female/male vocal tracks, but the sense of otherness is boosted as the vocal stylings combine a definite UK ’80s feel with an unplaceable geo-temporal essence, spanning decades and continents. Primarily a trio during the period of these recordings, 1981-84, Syntoma transcends the era and stands apart from their peers with a surprising melodic sense, harmonic adventurousness, interesting arrangements and, above all, an atmosphere of freshness and enthusiasm.(EM RECORDS)

Playlist de l’émission PERSÉVÉRANCE vol 1 sur RADIO DIO 89.5 FM le 24/05/15

24 Mai




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Felt : Magellan (générique de l’émissionCreation records- 1986)

Les Frères Smith : Djilan (album: Free to go -– So Watt – 2015 )

L’Orchestre du Montplaisant : Dr Stockmann (album: 2 – Polychrome Sounds– 2015)

Bembeya Jazz National :  Ballaké (album: African Records Compilation ) – Fondation Zinsou- 2015)

Elias Akadiri : Owo Loré (album: Impressions Sonores du Bénin– 1967)

Jérôme Minière :  Postmoderne (album: Une île -– La Tribu – 2015)

 Philippe Crab  : Trains (album: Necora Puber -– Les Disques Perséverance/Philippe Crab – 2014)

Bridget St John : Back to stay (album: Songs for the gentle man -– Dandelion/Cherry red – 1971/2015)

Vashti Bunyan :  The boy (album: Heartleap -– Fat Cat records – 2014)

Manyfingers  : From Madam Hilda Soarez (album: The Spectacular Nowhere – Ici D’ailleurs – 2015)

Peter Astor : Another Sunday (album: God and other stories – Danceteria – 1993)

The sugargliders : Sway (album: A nest with a view 1990/1994 – Matinée Recordings – 2012)

Paul Bevoir : Every night at seven (album: The happiest days of your Life – Tangerine records– 1992)

Ivan Lins :  Nesse Botequim (album: Chama Acesa – RCA VICTOR– 1969)

Jose Mauro : Apocalipse (1970) (album: Far out spaced oddyssey Compilation – Far Out Recordings 2010)

Amabis : Pena maïs que perfeita (album: Trabalhos Carnivoros – Maïs Um Discos – 2014)

Bill Fay : World of Life (album: Who is the sender ? – Dead Oceans- 2015)

Amacio D’Silva’s : A Song For Francesca (album: Konkan dance – Vocalion– 2006 réédition)

RIP l’immense label batave Kindred Spirits (2002/2014)

22 Mai












L’immense label batave Kindred Spirits cesse toute activité,le DJ Kees Heus jette l’éponge,,j’ai eu enfin la confirmation hier,de la bouche de Florent Mazzoleni,,je m’en doutais un peu car depuis fin 2014 leur site etait fermé.Silence radio du label,il n’y a eu aucun communiqué de presse,rien du tout.Personne en France ni à l’étranger ne s’est ému de la disparition d’un des plus beaux labels des années 2000 et 2010.Leur catalogue est pourtant exceptionnel,Beaucoup de gens ont découvert Sun Ra dans les années 2000 grâce a eux, Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band ont mis le pied à l’étrier en 2007 par la grâce de Kindred Spirits.Dans leur catalogue on trouve aussi l’immense Carlos Niño mais aussi toute une série de rééditions Afros de tout premier plan.Bref leur catalogue regorge à foison de pépites.Je vous laisse le découvrir par vous même.Plus que jamais Music Is the Weapon of the Future,c’est une immense perte.Mais le combat continue.

The tremendous Deutch label ‘Kindred Spirits’ is closing down. DJ Kees Heus won’t go any further. At last it was confirmed to me yesterday by M. Florent Mazzoleni. I kind of suspected it since the website had not been functional since end 2014. Obviously the label has chosen not to communicate about it and is quite silent about it. No information in the media and nobody seems moved although we’re talking about one of most beautiful labels of the years 2000/2010. Their catalogue is outstanding and we can point out that many discovered SUN RA via Kindred Spirits in the 2000s. Just as much, the label can be accounted for the rise and success of Joseph & The Spasm Band in 2007. Their outstanding catalogue also reveals great names like Carlos Niño and great Afro reissues and you may view it and explore its goldies… ! More than ever « Music Is the Weapon of the Future”! It is a huge loss but the fight goes on.






RICHARD THOMPSON – STILL (Fantasy/Available on 29/06/2015)

19 Mai


‘Still’ was recorded in a two-story rehearsal loft in Chicago over the course of just nine days with Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy at the helm, backed by several longtime players from both Thompson’s and Tweedy’s bands. Thompson enlisted Tweedy’s production skills in an effort to shake up his own creative approach to making records. The key to ‘Still »s emotional resonance is a set of gripping new Thompson compositions rich with his signature mix of trenchant insight, gallows humour, and keen empathy for characters at the brink of being overcome by their emotions, their pasts, or themselves.  A recipient of BBC’s Lifetime Achievement Award and Mojo’s Les Paul Award, Richard Thompson was appointed Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the 2011 New Year Honours List. The Americana Music Association also recently honoured him with a Lifetime Achievement Award for Songwriting. Robert Plant, REM, Elvis Costello, Bonnie Raitt and many others have recorded Thompson’s songs. Taken as a whole, ‘Still’ is a powerful dispatch from an acknowledged master who remains unafraid to put himself into demanding new environments – its title reflecting that resilience and seemingly endless resourcefulness.