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universal sound une excroissance du label londonien soul jazz records poursuit son travail de glaneur avec brio, voici la réédition d’un brillant album de spiritual jazz paru en 1979

30 Sep

PHEEROAN AK LAFF »HOUSE OF SPIRIT MIRTH » passin’ thru records 1979American composer and drummer Pheeroan AkLaff’s celebrated ‘House of Spirit:Mirth’ features in our recent revolutionary jazz records book (compiled by Gilles Peterson and Stuart Baker).

This album was originally released in 1979 on the composer Oliver Lake’s bespoke private-press label Passin Thru’ Inc., a not for profit label ‘dedicated to fostering, promoting and advancing the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the arts’. Consequently ‘House of Spirit’ remains one of the most elusive deep jazz releases of its time to collectors.

Aklaff was an original of the Detroit jazz scene of the early 70s alongside musicians of the Tribe (Wendell Harrison, Phil Ranelin, Doug Hammond) and Strata collective (Kenny Cox and Charles Moore) and local luminaries such as Travis Biggs before moving to New York in the mid-1970s to work at the centre of the vibrant Loft/radical jazz scene. Here he worked and recorded with original greats such as Oliver Lake, Wadada Leo Smith, Anthony Davis (with numerous releases on India Navigation and other radical NY avant-jazz labels). At this time Coltrane drummer Rashied Ali became mentor to AkLaff, with Aklaff practically living at Ali’s legendary club/live space ‘Ali’s Alley’.

In the 1980s Aklaff continued his solo career with releases such as ‘Fits Like A Glove’ (1985), and ‘Sonogram’ (1989) featuring the cream of the New York 80s avant-garde players (Sonny Sharrock, Geri Allen etc) as well his continued work alongside artists of the calibre of Don Byron, Anne Claudine Myers, Julius Hemphill, Henry Threadgill and Oliver Lake.

‘House of Spirit: Mirth’ is one of the most radical of deep jazz releases of its time. Avant-garde beyond a doubt but with an Afro-centric rhythmical intensity hard to find in the myriad of independent free/loft jazz recorded in New York at the time.

Influenced by Alice Coltrane, Sun Ra, Duke Ellington and Rahsaan Roland Kirk, AkLaff also studied African drumming travelling to and working in the Ivory Coast, Togo, Swaziland, Malawi, Liberia as well as Nigeria, where he performed with Fela Kuti.

This bespoke perfect replica reissue comes in a limited edition hardback box-case CD edition and a very limited heavyweight vinyl and gatefold sleeve edition of 1000 copies worldwide.


le label de stuart baker SOUL JAZZ records pioche dans l’immense vivier du label AFRODISIA ,voici donc un peu afro funk matiné d’afro beat par un combo féminin

30 Sep

Soul Jazz Records

a vos calendriers LE 11 OCTOBRE le label us bada bing records réédite en vinyle deux chef d’oeuvre absolument indispensable de MARK HOLLIS,son album éponyme de 1998 paru sur polydor,et LAUGHING STOCK de talk talk paru en 1991 sur verve records

30 Sep

le label DUST TO DIGITAL finira un jour par me ruiné,il n’arrête pas de sortir de remarquable coffret;le dernier en date consacre le guitariste JOHN FAHEY,influence majeur sur toute la scène folk depuis une bonne vingtaine d’années,en particulier chez will oldham,le choix des trois vidéos you tube ne correspond pas a la période mis en avant dans le coffret,c’est volontaire de ma part,je n ‘aime pas trop le début de sa carrière,qui sont sous haute influence du blues et de la country

29 Sep

Disc One:

01 Interview with John Fahey on Fonotone Records and Joe Bussard
02 Franklin Blues
03 Smoketown Strut
04 Steel Guitar Rag
05 Takoma Park Pool Hall Blues
06 Buck Dancer’s Choice
07 Medley: Pretty Polly / Shortnin’ Bread
08 Barbara Namkin Blues
09 In Christ There Is No East or West
10 Stak ‘o Lee Blues [Louis Collins]
11 The Transcendental Waterfall
12 John Henry
13 Over the Hill Blues
14 St. Louis Blues
15 On Doing an Evil Deed Blues
16 Reinumeration Blues
17 The Transcendental Waterfall
18 Mississippi Boweavil Blues
19 Green River Blues
20 Over the Hill Blues
21 Libba’s Rag
22 Chris’s Rag

Disc Two:

01 St. Louis Tickle
02 Pat Sullivan’s Blues
03 Blind Blues [Martin’s Esso Blues]
04 Poor Boy Blues
05 Long Time Town Blues
06 Gulf Port Island Blues
07 Blind Thomas Blues Part 1
08 Blind Thomas Blues Part 2
09 New Newport News Blues #2
10 Wanda Russell’s Blues
11 Going Away to Leave You Blues
12 Lay My Burden Down
13 Hill High Blues
14 John Henry
15 Paint Brush Blues
16 Blind Thomas Blues Part 3
17 Blind Thomas Blues Part 4
18 You Gonna Need Somebody on Your Bond
19 Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dyin’ Bed
20 Banty Rooster Blues
21 Tom Rushen Blues

Disc Three:

01 Yallaboosha River Blues
02 You Gonna Miss Me
03 Wissenschaftlich River Blues Part 1
04 Wissenschaftlich River Blues Part 2
05 Zekiah Swamp Blues
06 Nobody’s Business
07 Going Crabbing Talking Blues Part 1
08 Going Crabbing Talking Blues Part 2
09 You Better Get Right So God Can Use You
10 Weissman Blues
11 Dasein River Blues
12 Racemic Tartrate River Blues Part 1
13 Racemic Tartrate River Blues Part 2
14 Smoky Ordinary Blues [Dance of the Inhabitants]
15 I Shall Not Be Moved
16 Old Country Rock
17 Little Hat Blues
18 Guitar Solo Title Unknown [Revelation on the Banks of the Pawtuxent]
19 Guitar Solo Title Unknown [Night Train to Valhalla]
20 Some Summer Day
21 The Langley Two-Step
22 Dream of the Origin of the French Broad River

Disc Four:

01 Saint John’s Hornpipe
02 Sail Away Ladies
03 Dreamin Under the B & O Trestle
04 900 Miles
05 Prince George’s Dance
06 Improvisation for Flute and Guitar
07 Dorothy / Calvert Street Blues [Brenda’s Blues]
08 Brenda’s Blues
09 Buck Dancer’s Choice
10 Night Train to Valhalla
11 In the Pines
12 Pretty Polly
13 Take This Hammer
14 Yazoo Basin Blues
15 Stomping Tonight on the (Old) Pennsylvania / Alabama Border
16 Smoky Ordinary Blues [Dance of the Inhabitants]
17 Revelation on the Banks of the Pawtuxent
18 Bean Vine Blues [Pea Vine Blues]
19 Green Blues
20 Stone Pony

Disc Five:

01 Dorothy / Calvert Street Blues [Brenda’s Blues]
02 Days Have Gone By
03 Some Summer Day
04 Texas & Pacific Blues [My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It]
05 John Henry Blues
06 Brenda’s Blues
07 St. Patrick’s Hymn
08 Bicycle Built for Two
09 The Blues You Saved for Me
10 House Carpenter
11 How Long
12 The Portland Cement Factory at Monolith, California
13 You Take the E Train [The Last Steam Engine Train]
14 I Sing a Song of the Saints of God
15 How Long
16 O Jesus I Have Promised
17 Untitled
18 Medley: Untitled / O Jesus I Have Promised
19 I Am a Rake and Rambling Boy
20 Medley: Goodbye Old Paint / Whoopee Ti-Yi-Yo, Git Along Little Doggies
21 Goodbye Old Paint
22 Simple Gifts
23 Untitled
24 Bury Me Not On the Lone Prairie
25 Goodbye Old Paint
26 Western Medley
27 Durgan Park
28 The Bitter Lemon
29 Old Southern Medley (Fragment)
30 Bottleneck Blues

Notes: Five-CD box set compiling the late, influential guitarist’s earliest recordings; includes an 88-page hardcover book containing notes, essays, and photos

un album sortie fin août est complètement passé inaperçu,a tort.

29 Sep

le dernier album d’Oddisee poursuit le cheminement artistique du producteur. Inspiré par le parc de Washington qui a accompagné les différents chapitres de son existence.un album composé presque exclusivement de ballade soul instrumentale, aux accents eighties par ses sonorités.

le label nippon EM RECORDS a eu l’excellente idée de réédité un album de 1980 du songwriter hawaïen RICHARD NATTO,une belle friandise pop folk qui devrais enchanté les fans de bill fay,graham gouldman et alzo & udine,

29 Sep

Richard Natto »Not Just Another Pretty Face » (CD & LP)

j’adore le tampographe SARDON,un type au vrai caractère de cochon,a l humour noir,aiguisé et acerbe,le feignasse vous reçois les vendredis dans son atelier situé 4 Rue du Repos a BOBOLAND

28 Sep

Le Tampographe ne fabrique jamais de tampons sur commande. Il n’aime pas les artistes, il s’intéresse pas à leur travail, il n’a aucune curiosité pour les merdes qu’ils produisent généralement, s’il pouvait il les emploierait volontiers à goudronner les routes, curer les fossés, vider les poubelles ou creuser le canal Seine-Volga.