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Joia Rara – Vol. 1 (Guerreros de Saudade ‎/2015)

30 Juin



A1 Tobias Coisa Sentimental 4:04
A2 Luiza Maura Deixa Girar 3:09
A3 Jackson Góes Variaçoes 3:17
A4 Equipe Rádio Cidade Bons Tempos – Sao Paulo 3:39
A5 Paulo Jeronimo Vida Agitada 3:30
B1 Alma Brasileira Pra Oxala 2:28
B2 Brasil Show Lagrimas 2:26
B3 Os Devaneios Nosso Samba 3:02
B4 Jorge Ben Waimea 55’000 4:01
B5 Willy Santana Mais uma Chance 2:46
B6 Serginho Meriti Tipo Help 2:23



ROBERT FOSTER – SONGS TO PLAY (Tapete records release date: September 18th, 2015)

29 Juin

imageThe Evangelist (2008). Seven years since one of Australia’s most respected singer-songwriters released what was widely regarded as his best solo album, and one that more than lived up to the many high points of his legendary band The Go-Betweens. Seven years for fans and critics alike to ask, what the hell was he doing?

Quite a lot, as it turns out. Record producer for acclaimed albums by Brisbane bands The John Steel Singers and Halfway. An extended stint as a music critic for the Australian periodical The Monthly that was so well received, a collection of his writings was published as ‘The Ten Rules Of Rock And Roll’ in 2009 – and was reissued, revised and updated in 2011. Curator and compiler of G Stands For Go-Betweens. Volume 1 – the first of three lavish boxset compilations charting the career of an Australian music icon, of which he was founding member, singer and songwriter.

Still … seven years. Long time, musically speaking. Time for writing songs, time for gathering musicians, time spent preparing for what was to be the next chapter of his musical life – a refreshed creative direction that took shape as the new album Songs To Play. Ten very different Robert Forster songs recorded on a mountain top half an hour from his Brisbane home, in an analogue studio, with a troop of young musicians: talented multi-intrumentalists Scott Bromley and Luke McDonald (from The John Steel Singers), Matt Piele (drummer from his touring band), and violinist and singer Karin Baumler.

“I had originally envisaged the gap between my last album and my new one as five years,” Robert says. “I wanted time to pass, for there to be a cut-off. I knew what happened next would be the start of something new.”

“Five years became seven.”

The resulting album is really nothing like he’s ever done before, although it retains many of the qualities we know from his songwriting: highly melodic, with incisive, witty lyrics attuned to real people and real lives. The surprise will be the spirit of the record, its sense of adventure and fun – especially after the meditative reflections of The Evangelist (recorded a year after the death of The Go-Betweens co-founder Grant McLennan).

Seven years has brought a bolder, wilder approach to sound … and a set of truly inspiring compositions. Pop songs. Five minute epics. A bossa nova tune. Singer-songwriter classics. Add the more experimental and detailed production assistance of Bromley and McDonald and no wonder – from the album’s opening lines on the super-charged Learn To Burn – Forster is bursting to get out and tell his story.

Time’s a sequence and you wait for changes. Problem is you know I’ve got no patience. I’ve got no desire to be the fourth person in line.

Seven years in the making. And worth every minute.(tapete records)




Playlist of my PERSEVERANCE Volume n°6 on RADIO DIO 89.5 FM, on the 28th of June 2015.

28 Juin


RADIO DIO  89.5 FM ou sur le net en direct
SELECTED BY :A l e x a n d r e P e r s é v é r a n c e
GENERIQUE :Felt – Magellan (album: Ballad of the band maxi 45 tours -– Creation records- 1986)
Pat Thomas and Kwashibu Area – Band Oye Asem (album: Pat Thomas and Kwashibu Area BandStrut Records – 2015)
Orlando Julius with the Heliocentrics – Aseni (album: Jaiyede Afro– Strut Records – 2014)
The Heliocentrics and Melvin Van Peebles – Trust the cosmos (Believe in the universe) (album: The last transmission – – – Now Again records – 2014)
Les frères Smith Free to go (album: Free to go -– So Watt – 2015)
Dokkerman and the turkey ing fellaz – Beast chase (album: Illegal move -– Tramp records – 2015)
Ros Serey Sothea –  Heaven’s Song (album: Don’t think I’ve forgotten – Cambodia’s lost rock and roll -– Dust to digital – 2015 )
Philippe Crab – Idylle interrompue (album: Rydiller rasitorier rasibus Le Saule – 2015)
Aurélien Merle-  80 AB (Cover de Pierre Barouh) (album: Remerle -– Le Saule – 2015 )
Jean Bart – La luna (album: Serein -– Musidisc– 1998)
Facteurs Chevaux –  Les renards (album: La maison sous les eaux -– Microculture – 2015)
Jérôme Minière – Ressources minières (album: Une île – La Tribu – 2015)
Pascal Comelade + The Limiñanas Yesterday man (album: Traité de guitarres triolectiques (à l’usage des portugaises ensablées-– Because Music – 2015)
Pedro Santos – Fleur de Lotus (album: Krishnanda -– Polysom –2012)
Lucas Santtana – Funk dos bromânticos (album: Sobre noites e dias – No Format –2014)
Seu Jorge –  Tive Razao (album: Favela Chic Postnove 3 -– Milan –2003)
Tita Duval/El Nuevo Ritmo de Roberto Rey –  Zombie rock (album: Box set Big box of Afrosound—Disco Fuentes en 1974 – réédité par Vampisoul en 2015)
Pedro Laza y sus pelayeros –  La negra calliente (album: Box set Big box of Afrosound – Disco Fuentes début des années 60 – réédité par Vampisoul en 2015)
Cumbia en moog – Cumbia sobre el mar (album: Box set Big box of Afrosound – Disco Fuentes 1979 – réédité par Vampisoul en 2015)
Music from the mountain provinces – Lullaby (album: Music from the mountain provincesNumero Group – 2014)
 Kazi Aniruddha  – Mafe Karo (album: Bollywood steel guitarSublime Frequencies – 2008)
 Streets of Lhasa –  Father son vocal with Erhu (album: Streets of Lhasa Sublime Frequencies – 2004)
Farad Bruce Haack – Ancient mariner (album: The electric Voice – Stones Throw- 2010)
Bruce Lacey – Funky dance (album: The spaceyTrunk records– 2014)
 Eric Chenaux – Spring has been a long time coming (album: SkullsplitterConstellation – 2015)
Lonnie Holley – Eartly things (album: Just before music Dust-To-Digital – 2012)
Constantin Veis –  Where is the time (album : Memory-la Siesta – 2002)
 Billy Mac Kenzie –  Winter academy (album: Beyond the sun -– One little indian – 2003)
Pram –  Mother of Pearl (album: The museum of imaginary animalsDomino recording – 2000)
Death And Vanilla – California Owls (album: To where the wild areFire records – 2015)
Beheadd – Roman candle (album: Boxset: Behead 1992-1998 Numero Group – 2014)
Supreme Dicks-  Jack Smith (album: Boxset: Breathing and not breathing Jagjaguwar – 2011)
Domotic – Entrainement du sheriff et de son adjoint (album: Bof du film de Tom Gagnaire le démon des hautes plaines – une co production clapping music et tona srenad – 2015)



Epic Soundtracks – Rise Above Deluxe 2xCD Set (Troubadour/in September 2015)

27 Juin




Disc Two..the work in progress currently 76 mins

1.     Fallen Down ( Piano Demo 19.4.92)

2.     Farmer’s Daughter (demo 8.3.92)

3.     Ruthless (with harmonica)

4.     Everybody Else Is Wrong (demo 20.6.91)

5.     I Feel Good (demo 9.3.92)

6.     Big Apple Graveyard (demo 07.91)

7.     I Don’t Know (Slow Version April 1992)

8.     Meet Me On The Beach (Instr.5.91)

9.     When Youre Not Around (demo 07.91)

10.  She Sleeps Alone /Love Fucks You Up (outtake April 1992)

11.  Wild Situation Instrumental

12.  She sleeps alone demo with false starts 16.01.92

13.  Lay In Bed All Day (demo 6_1_92)

14.  Beatles Song (demo 2.7.92)

15.  Caroline’s song  Epic & Lee 05.91

16.  Meet Me On The Beach (demo 8_3_92)

17.  I Feel Good (fast demo 8.3.92)

18.  Black Hole Girl ( Piano Demo 19.4.92)

19.  Wild Kingdom Situation(demo 8.3.92)

20.  You Still Shine ( demo 9.3.92)

21.  Fallen Down ( Instr Mix June 1992)

22.  Simple Two Part ( Epic & Lee 17.5.91)

23.  Kim Gordon Full Spoken part BAG


Playlist of my PERSEVERANCE Volume n°5 on RADIO DIO 89.5 FM, on the 21th of June 2015.

21 Juin
WEB_Image Diverse artister Big Box of Afrosound (1488078043
 P L A Y L I S T
Musique de Générique Felt – Magellan (album: Ballad of the band maxi 45 tours -– Creation records– 1986)
 Cumbia en Moog – Cumbias de Sal (album: Box set Big Box of Afrosound Vampisoul records en 2015)
 Jaime Ley – Diablo (album: Box set Big Box of Afrosound –Vampisoul records e n 2015)
 Afrosound – Pa’ti Mami (album: Box set Big Box of AfrosoundVampisoul records en 2015)
 Meridian Brothers – Doctor Trompeta (album: Salvadora RobotsSoundway Records – 2014)
 Aurélien Merle –  La conversation (album: Remerle -– Le Saule – 2015 )
 Jean Bart – Eternel retard (album: Serein –Musidisc– 1998)
 Daniel Darc – Rondeau (Cover de Nino Ferrer) (album: Crève coeur –Mercury– 2015)
 Damien – frogs – (album: l’art du disquerecords makers – 2006)
 Pat Thomas And Kwashibu Area band – Amaehu (Strut records – 2015)
 Sisamouth and Ros Serey Sothea – Thevary my love (album: Don’t think I have forgotten/Cambodia’s lost rock  and roll -– Dust to Digital – 2015)
 L’Orchestre du Montplaisant – Ayna miftar galbik (album: II -–Polychrome Sounds – 2015)
 Limousine – Wrong scooter (album: Siam roads -– Ekler O Schock records – 2015)
 Pedro Santos – Agua Viva (album: KrishnandaPolysom – 2012)
 Ivan Lins – Demonio De Guarda (album:The Vibe ! The ultimate rare grooves series Brazil – BMG – 2004)
 Assis Valente – Deixa Comigo (album: Radio Samba, le son du Brésil des années 20 à 50Vibrations magazine – 2005)
David Kauffman and Eric Caboor – Kiss another day goodbye (Songs from suicide bridgeNumero Group – 2015)
Nick Garrie – Can I stay with you? (album: The nightmare of J. B. StanislasAcid Ray en 2005) 
Bryan Maclean – Kathleen (album: If you believe inSundazed – 1997)
Roger Rodier – Listen to these chords I play (Céleste) (album: Upon VelveaturSunbeam – 2006)
Mahiedddine Bachtarzi – Mestahbar Mezmoun (1926) (album: Box set Opika pende Africa at 78RPM -– Dust to Digital –2011)
Onana Mbosa Isidore – Kurungu (1955) (album: Box set Opika pende Africa at 78RPM -– Dust to Digital –2011)
Pancras Mkwawa – Ngosingosi (1950) (album: Box set Opika pende Africa at 78RPM -– Dust to Digital –2011)  
Elias Nelushi – Kama Kalinyana (1950) (album: Box set Opika pende Africa at 78RPM -– Dust to Digital –2011)
Johan Asherton –  No expectations (album: Precious Musidisc – 1989) en duo avec Nikki Sudden
Johan Asherton –  Touch the leper (album: 45t Touch The LeperMusidisc – 1988)
Johan Asherton –  Lady came from Baltimore (album: High LonesomesPop The Balloon – 2010) cover de Tim Hardin
Fantastic Something – If she doesn’t smile (it’ll rain) 45t: If she doesn’t smile (it’ll rain) Cherry Red records – 1983)
East Village –  Here it comes (album: 45t Circles -– Heavenly Recording – 2013
Herzfeld –  Who The Scroungers Are (album: 45t Two MothersDuophonic – 1993)

Alceu Valença ‎– Molhado De Suor (Som Livre in 1974 and reissue by Sol Re Sol in 2015)

19 Juin


Alceu is a legend, and his first LP maybe the most outstanding expression of Udigrudi music, from the northeastern corner of Brazil (in the style of Lula Cortes, Ze Ramalho and Satwa).I am the fruit of the culture of my country, violas, the singers, the guitar players, the Lusitanian pastoris, the frevo and blocks, maracatu, the black and the Moorish thing.(SOL RE SOL)



17 Juin


Born in Tacoma Washington in 1926, Don moved to the San Jose area during the first year of life. He took a few piano lessons as a child, but it was boogie woogie music that really inspired him. While attending San Jose State he formed a band which had piano, guitar, vibes, bass and drums. Following his graduation from college, Don played music on the weekends and worked as a high school English teacher for fifteen years. Then in 1970 he quit his teaching job and moved to Santa Cruz, making music his main pursuit. In 1971 he was invited to bring a jazz combo to play at a political rally. The event took place in the patio of the 19th century courthouse building, now called the Cooper House. The owner told Don that he was putting a sidewalk cafe there and invited him to play on opening day.Don ended up playing there until the 1989 earthquake ruined the beautiful old building.
Don and his fellow musicians were forced to move to the Warf House, a restaurant situated at the tip of the Capitola pier, and played there for 20 years. Today you can find Don’s band The Amazing Jazz Geezers play at Severino’s Lounge in Aptos, California. The Geezers are not necessarily « amazing » because of their musicianship. To become an « Amazing Jazz Geezer » one must merely be over 75 years of age, know over 1000 tunes written between 1935 and 1950, and still be able to play a full gig.(TRAMP RECORDS)