VINYL RECORD OF MY LIFE 9 : Arnaud Fleurent-Didier ‎– Portrait Du Jeune Homme En Artiste (2003 / French Touche / the album is released only on CD)

15 Août

VINYL RECORD OF MY LIFE 8 : Moondog – A new Sound of an old Instrument (Kopf/1979)

15 Août

The organ has not been called the « King of Instruments » for nothing, because of all instruments it has the widestrange of possibilities lending itself to any mood or style. In suffering the organ to emit secular and even profane music, namey dance music, I do not find it out of place, since I am fully aware of the organ´s pagan beginnings, the pipes of Pan.
The organ is capable of producing a percussive quality, provided the notes are played staccato, and more importantly, if the « spitting » flute stop is used. This stop is also known as « chiff », having almost the jazz sound of saxophones playing staccato. Especially in a large room with good accoustics. I think an organ can do anything a jazz band can do, as good, if not better. Moreover, when it comes to long, sustained contrapuntal lines, the organ is unapproachable. The organ sounds good with or without percussion. I added percussion to most of the pieces, which are in the dance idiom.
Single Foot and Mirage are two « desert » pieces, written in scales suggesting Asia Minor. The drum beat in Single Foot represents the hoof beats of a horse at a gait known as « single foot », when each foot comes down separately, affording the easiest and most pleasant ride imaginable. I know this from my own experience, having ridden on a horse who had such a gait. It was owned by Bill Lucky, a famous trapper and hunter.
Frost Flower is named after the phenomenon occuring in the Antarctic, where frost sometimes rises in a shape suggesting a flower, as delicate and intricate as a snow flake.
I write logs with und without pedalpoints. All the logs in this album have pedalpoints. Log means canon, to me, at least. When a log is written over a ground, I call it logrundr.
A double 2-part log consists of two 2-part canons, each having its own theme, yet both fitting together, making quadruple counterpoint. Some of the logrundrs are in a-b-a form, in which case the b-part is a development, also in log – or logrundr form.
In 1938 I came across the old musical landmark, « Summer Is Acomin´ In ». It made a deep impression on me. Forty years later I wrote, as a tribute to its unknown author, a musical answer to it, Logrundr in D. It is similar in form, having a ground consisting a 2-part canon in the pedals, over which is a 4-part canon for the hands. After a long pause the pedals begin the inversion of the whole piece with a lively version of the pedal canon in 5/4. The development is near the end, where the pedal theme is given to the hands in a double 2-part canon over a double ground. The piece ends on an expressive note, lingering over the opening figure of the main theme.
Logrundr in c has an interesting development, also in canon form, the theme of which is taken from the opening ground and transferred into a triple cross-rhythm of 3/8 with a feeling of 3/4 in 3/2 time.
The most ambitious development is in Logrundr in G, which is a drifter, which means that the canon drifts from one key to another before returning to the original key. The piece boarders on jazz idiom, and the pedal ground is percussive enough to carry the beat, without drums. The same is true of Log in b, the pedalpoint beat taking the place of percussion in this 5/8 piece. The development is a finger twister, no problem for Storfinger, however.

Louis T. Hardin

VINYL RECORD OF MY LIFE 7 : Pedro Santos – Krishnanda (CBS in 1968 and reissue in 2012 by Polysom and in 2016 by Mr Bongo)

14 Août

VINYL RECORD OF MY LIFE 6 : Supreme Dicks ‎– The Unexamined Life (1993 / Homestead Records and reissue in vinyl in 2011 by Jagjaguwar)

12 Août

VINYL RECORD OF MY LIFE 5 : Silvain Vanot ‎– 1er album éponyme (Weekend via Labels in 1993)

8 Août

VINYL RECORD OF MY LIFE 4 : Vincent Gallo ‎– When (2001 by Warp Records ‎– WARP LP 87)

8 Août


VINYL RECORD OF MY LIFE 3 : Wayfaring Strangers: Lonesome Heroes (Numero Group ‎/2009)

8 Août

A1 –Jim Schoenfeld Before
A2 –Jim Ransom It’s So Profound
A3 –Poor Richard As I Walk
A4 –Tucker Zimmerman No Love Lost
B1 –Kieran White Hummingbirds
B2 –Les Moore Ooh Pah Do Pah Do
B3 –Rob Carr R.N.B. II
B4 –Jack Hardy The Tailor
B5 –George Cromarty Little Children
C1 –Jay Bolotin Dear Father
C2 –Tony Trosley* Deep Night
C3 –Roger Lewis Autumn
C4 –Tim Ward* Good Morning
D1 –David Kauffman Kiss Another Day Goodbye
D2 –John Villemonte I Am The Moonlight
D3 –Bob Brown Close Of The Day
D4 –Robb Kunkel O’Light