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belle découverte que cette réédition ,il s’agit la d’un combo d’albion des 70’s,stuart murdoch de Belle & Sebastian aurais sans doute pas renié l’album

25 Jan

Mind-blowing OTT deluxe reissue of one of the true Holy Grail’s of the UK’s psychedelic underground, A To Austr’s dazzling 1970 LP Musics From Holyground. Holyground was a label and recording studio – the UK’s first fully independent one – that was established in Wakefield in the late 60s. They released a slew of monster, mega-rare sides – legends like Gagalactyca, Astral Navigations, Bill Nelson’s fantastic debut LP, Northern Dream, Gygafo’s stunning Legend Of The Kingfisher, Thundermother et al – all recorded straight to mono in label head Mike Levon’s flat. A To Austr remains the central release to come out of this explosively creative scene, one of the most unique and magical UK psychedelic albums. The core group consisted of Levon himself, Chris Coombs and Brian Calvert with contributions from a pre-Be Bop Deluxe Bill Nelson and amazing female vocals from Yvonne Carrodus and ‘Denise’. The atmosphere is truly spectacular, with a lost England feel and a dusty underground vibe combined with stellar songwriting and the kind of stylistic range that sees them move from odd Kinks style vaudeville w/a heady dosed atmosphere through flashing psychedelic rock, aching acid folk, cranking psych/punk instrumentals and dazzling F/X soaked femme-fronted Eastern-tinged drone rock complete with explosive fuzz guitar. In many ways Musics From Holyground is the ultimate expression of the true late 60s/early 70s UK underground and represents the DIY/basement impulse better than any late-70s post-punk 7”. Long unavailable (originally pressed in an edition of 99 copies, even the previous vinyl reissue changes hands for a ton) this staggering labour of love edition is the ultimate version, with *that* cover shot faithfully reproduced on vintage 1970s bronze carton paper with a gatefold that opens to reveal a reproduction of the original lyric book and a stunning four page colour booklet that features memories from the players, amazing archival shots, cover photo out-takes and even three reproduced Holyground ‘business cards’. In an edition of only 500 copies, pressed on 180g vinyl with a heavy PVC slipcase, this is a triumphant reissue, the kinda package that makes you wanna force an iPhone up the nearest duds wazoo. One of my all-time Top 10 recordings, can’t possibly recommend this one enough. Reissue of the year and it’s only, uh, January. I wanna live inside this LP.
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Edzayawa que j’avais découvert il y a déjà plusieurs années grâce a Frank Gossner alias VOODOOFUNK ,MILES CLERET de SOUNDWAY a la bonne idée de réédité la précieuse galette

25 Jan


This extraordinary, dark, moody and experimental offering from teenage Ghanaian afro rock outfit Edzayawa (Pronounced Ed – Zye – Ow – Ahh) is one of the more obscure and unique releases that Soundway have brought back to life over the past ten years. Arriving in Lagos from Togo in the spring of 1973 the band were taken under the wing of Fela Kuti. After a run of appearances on the bill at his Shrine club they were signed by EMI Nigeria’s visionary in-house producer Odion Iruoje. Over two days in May 1973 they recorded Projection One, which was their one and only release before disbanding two years later.

The majority of their songs were based around a 6/8 rhythm influenced by the music of the Ewe people from the South East of Ghana and Western Togo. With themes that draw heavily on traditional folklore and deep philosophy the album has a heavy feel that sets itself well apart from the much of the lighter happier highlife of the previous decade. Alongside Fela’s first few albums, Blo’s Chapter One and Mono Mono’s Give The Beggar A Chance this was one of the very earliest Afro – Rock LPs released in West Africa and has remained out of print for nearly forty years. Projection One never got a release in the band’s home country of Ghana and apparently sailed way over most peoples heads at the time. Very much like the debut Hedzoleh Soundz album that Soundway re-issued in 2010 (another Ghanaian band that were recorded in Lagos, produced by Iruoje on the recommendation of Fela Kuti) the only copies that made it back to Ghana were the few that the band took back themselves.

Soundway will release Projection One here in it’s full original format on gatefold vinyl as well as on CD for the first time: remastered and accompanied by liner notes that contain the reminiscences of band leader Nana Danso (who subsequently founded and now runs the Accra-based Pan African Orchestra).


1. Darkness
2. Gondzin
3. Edzayawa
4. Naa Korle
5. Amanehun
6. Abonsan
7. Obuebee
8. Adesa

MICK SOFTLEY adulé par DONOVAN enregistra dans les 70’s pour la major CBS trois albums dans la ligné de BILL FAY ET NICK DRAKE

25 Jan

CODEINE: WHEN I SEE THE SUN a paraître sur l’immense label NUMERO GROUP

24 Jan

Late last year we issued a press release about a new direction Numero was going in: The 1990s. Alright, it didn’t explicitly say that, but it was implied in the content. On May 8th 2012 we’ll be reissuing the near-complete works of the seminal “slowcore” pioneers Codeine, and we’ll be setting a new standard for the modern reissue as a result. Their three albums for Seattle’s Sub Pop label, 1990′s Frigid Stars LP, 1992′s Barely Real, and 1994′s The White Birch, have been given the full Numero treatment, in a package that rivals our Boddie box.

All three double albums will be sold separately, or you can buy them together as the deluxe box set: When I See The Sun. We’ll be announcing a pre-order for the box shortly, and the first 500 will come with a bonus 45. Watch this spot for details.

The contents:

Frigid Stars LP
1. D
2. Gravel Bed
3. Pick Up Song
4. 3 Angels
5. New Year’s
1. Second Chance
2. Cave-In
3. Cigarette Machine
4. Old Things
5. Pea
1 Castle (SOS Demo)
2 Skeletons (SOS Demo)
3 Three Angels (SOS Demo)
4 Corner Store (SOS Demo)
5 Summer Dresses (SOS Demo)
1 Pea (Acoustic)
2 Second Chance (Demo)
3 Pickup Song (Demo)
4 Cave-In (Demo)
5 Kitchen (SOS Demo)
Barely Real
1. Realize
2. Jr
3. Barely Real
1. Hard To Find
2. W.
3. Promise Of Love
1 JR (Dessau Demo)
2 Hydroplane (Live)
3 Wird (Dessau Demo)
4 I Wonder (Dessau Demo)
1 Tom (Dessau Demo)
2 A l’Ombre de Nous
3 Cracked in Two
4 Realize (Alternate take)
5 Broken-Hearted Wine
The White Birch
1. Sea
2. Loss Leader
3. Vacancy
4. Kitchen Light
5. Washed Up
1. Tom
2. Ides
3. Wird
4. Smoking Room
1 Median (Peel Session)
2 Loss Leader (Peel Session)
3 Sure Looks That Way (Peel Session)
4 D (Live)
1 Atmosphere
2 Something New
3 Ides (Demo)
4 Smoking Room (Demo)
Additionally, a CD of the same material will accompany each album, packaged in a manner that is respectful of the object—not just thrown in as an afterthought.
Lastly, the band has announced a handful of dates to support the re-release of their catalog.
After that, they go back in the box for another 20 years. Three dates have been confirmed, with another dozen or so club gigs to follow:
May 26 London – All Tomorrow’s Parties
June 1 Barcelona – Primavera
June 8 Porto, Portugal – Primavera Porto


22 Jan


Yo La Tengo – Fakebook
the pale saints -The Comforts Of Madness
Fatima Mansions -Viva Dead Ponies
Lloyd Cole – éponyme album
Tim Buckley -Dream Letter
The Beautiful South – choke
Cocteau Twins -Heaven Or Las Vegas
The House Of Love -fontana
Van Morrison – Enlightenment
Prefab Sprout -Jordan: The Comeback
Mazzy Star – She Hangs Brightly
The Sundays -Reading, Writing & Arithmetic
The La’s – 1er album
Nick Cave -The Good Son
The Fall -Extricate
James -Gold Mother
A Tribe Called Quest -People’s Instinctive Travels Etc..
James -Gold Mother
Jonathan Richman – Jonathan Goes Country
Martin Stephenson And The Daintees – Salvation Road
Ride – Nowhere
Galaxie 500 – This is our music
the Chills – Submarine bells
That Petrol Emotion – Chemicrazy
Ultra-Vivid Scene – Joy 1967-1990
the Orchids– Penetration E.P.
temple Cloud – A Sarah Compilation
Air Balloon Road – A Sarah Compilation
the Field Mice – Snowball
the wake – Make It Loud
St. Christopher – Bacharach
the Field Mice – Coastal
the Jazz Butcher Cult Of The Basment
Felt – Bubblegum Perfume
Joy Division – Still (réédition)
Julian Cope – Droolian
the Bats– Compiletely Bats
Smog – Sewn To The Sky
Vic Chesnutt – Little
Martyn Bates – Stars Come Trembling
Martyn Bates – Letters To A Scattered Family
Martyn Bates – Letters To A Scattered Family / The Return Of The Quiet(réédition en cd)
Chris Knox – Seizure
the Clean – Vehicle
Gamine – Dream Boy
Noir Désir – Du Ciment Sous Les Plaines
les freluquets – La Débauche
Gérard Manset – Toutes Choses(coffret compilation)
McCarthy – Banking, Violence And The Inner Life Today

BAIANA SYTEM ,depuis le milieu des 90’s je trouve la scène musicale made in brazil passionnante, foisonnante, très diversifié et vraiment riche,elle me passionne et m’enthousiasme

20 Jan

Baiana System, Baiana System (2010)

1. « Nesse Mundo »
2. « Oxe, Como Era Doce (feat. Russo Passapusso) »
3. « Barra Avenida »
4 « Amerika Expressa »
5. « Da Calçada Pro Lobato (para Pio Lobato) (feat. Gerônimo) »
6. « Bembadub (feat. Russo Passapusso) »
7. « Jah Jah Revolta (feat. Russo Passapusso) »
8. « Systema Fobica (Ubaranamaralina) (feat. BNegão & Russo Passapusso) »
9. « Vinheta Baiana »
10. « Frevofoguete (Para os Retrofoguetes) (feat. Lucas Santtana) »
11. « O Carnaval Quem é Que Faz (feat. Lucas Santtana) »
12. « Jah Jah Revolta (Adubada por Buguinha Dub) »
13. « Frevofoguete (Adubada por Buguinha Dub) »

Leila: U&I OUT NOW!

20 Jan

01 – of one
02 – activate i
03 – all of this
04 – welcome to your life
05 – in consideration
06 – eight
07 – (disappointed cloud) anyway
08 – interlace
09 – colony collapse disorder
10 – boudica
11 – in motion slow
12 – u&i
13 – forasmuch

Daniel Rossen: Silent Hour / Golden Mile EP available 20 mars 2012

20 Jan

1 – Up On High
2 – Silent Song
3 – Return To Form
4 – Saint Nothing (
5 – Golden Mile

WAP332 – CD, Vinyl released March 19/20

Matthew Friedberger (The Fiery Furnaces ) a réussi l’exploit hors norme en temps de crise du disque de sortir 8 albums solo en l’espace d’une année entre janvier 2011 et 2012 les albums de surcroît sont vraiment de qualité ,depuis les 6 albums de babybird entre 1995 et 1996 je n’avais plus jamais vu cela dans le petit monde de l’indie pop

19 Jan

Napoleonette (January 2011)

Meet Me in Miramas (March 2011)

Old Regimes (May 2011)

Cut It Out (August 2011)

Death-in-Life (October 2011)

Arrested On Charges of Unemployment (January 2012)

Goodbye Forever (January 2012)

Artemisia (January 2012)

je suis un très grand fan de l’écossais Nick Currie alias MOMUS,son dernier album The Thunderclown en collaboration avec le suédois John Hendrickson est absolument remarquable

19 Jan

Track list,
A1. Love Wakes The Devil, A2. The Thunderclown
A3. Willow Pattern, A4. Precocious Young Miss Calloway
A5. The Criminal, A6. How I Met Your Mother, B1. Baloney Polonius, B2. The Teacher, B4. Futura Bold, B5. We Don’t Have To Make Children, B6. Shangri-La, B7. Gibbous Moon

my personal choice in the work of Momus: