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le label londonien bella union de ROBIN GUTHRIE et SIMON RAYMONDE réédite trois albums de l’immense songwriter VAN DYKES PARKS

29 Mai

Bella Union are proud to announce the long-awaited reissue of three of the most highly prized and visionary albums from one of the most influential figures of twentieth century music, Van Dyke Parks.

If you need an entry point to Van Dyke Parks’ extraordinary solo albums, you only need to know his life story. A musical prodigy and child actor, a session musician, composer, soundtrack writer, arranger, lyricist, and singer, he’s been a significant contributor to several decades’ worth of classics, including a handful of unassailable masterpieces. His own music is as cinematic as it is from the heart, a fantastical, even phantasmagorical trawl through a uniquely eclectic and daring landscape.

The American, now 69 years old, perhaps best known for penning the lyrics to The Beach Boys’ legendary masterpiece ‘Smile’. More recently, his arrangements helped turn Joanna Newsom’s second album ‘Ys’ into an epic. But the true riches of Van Dyke Park’s legacy remain his first three solo albums: Song Cycle (1968), Discover America (1972) and Clang Of The Yankee Reaper (1975). This trio of acclaimed records defined Americana decades before the term was invented. An expansive Americana that didn’t merely tap the post-war roots in folk and country music that we expect from the genre, but an all-embracing vision that included ragtime, vaudeville, jazz, bluegrass, psychedelia, classical and calypso, unified by a singer-songwriter spirit as much in line with Randy Newman and Harry Nilsson as Park’s collaborator Brian Wilson.

Born in 1943 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Parks first learnt clarinet while his brothers played trumpet, French horn and Euphonium. Aged nine, he boarded at New Jersey’s Columbus Boychoir School, but he also acted as a way to pay his tuition, amassing over 80 TV appearances and select theatre and film roles, acting opposite Hollywood royalty such as Lillian Gish, Grace Kelly and Alec Guinness. In 1962, seeking a hiatus from studying composition at Carnegie Tech, Van toured California’s coffee houses with his brother Carson before winning his first arranging job, none other than the legendary « The Bare Necessities » for Disney’s Jungle Book movie.

Park’s first recording contract was with MGM but after playing on The Byrds and Judy Collins albums and arranging for Tim Buckley, he signed to Warner Bros in 1966 while also writing with Brian Wilson, who’d put word out for a more adventurous lyricist than Pet Sounds collaborator Pete Asher. Under pressure from his band (Mike Love accused Parks’ lyrics of “acid alliteration”) and his own drug problems, Wilson was forced to shelve the hugely ambitious and ground-breaking Smile, but Parks picked up the baton and embarked on a song cycle of his own.

Lyrically, Park claims the “free-relating lyrics” of Song Cycle were influenced by, among others, the Beat poets, James Joyce and Bob Dylan.” Musically, the stylistic variety was, “a natural product of my wide experience, at age 24, of many musical genres. I was just following my own understanding of what music could reflect.”

Song Cycle was less conventionally pop, in verse-chorus fashion, than Smile; the mood was something like a baroque psychedelic dream filtered through Disney and music hall, with what Parks calls a, “flamboyant and a more flaming individuality. You can’t reach anything great without that kind of courage. I love the Liverpool taxi cab drivers’ motto, « Boldly going forward because we can’t find reverse. » That’s become my philosophy!”

After various producing jobs, including debut albums by Randy Newman and Ry Cooder, Parks’ next solo missive was Discover America. The album was a major and extraordinary departure, with most songs written by Calypso musicians from Trinidad & Tobago between the 1920s & 40s, though in Parks’ hands, the songs wove a bigger and more complex picture. The themes reflected facets of American history, from Bing Crosby to actor Jack Palance and political figures Franklin Roosevelt and J. Edgar Hoover – in other words, a way to discover America via the songs of outsiders.

The public at large were once again intrigued and perplexed by this move, but Parks had no problem with progressing artistically at the expense of commercial considerations. His third album Clang of the Yankee Reaper widened the remit to include Caribbean, New Orleans, classical and pop strains alongside Calypso, such as “Another Dream” by vocal trio The Sandpipers’ and a sublime modernist take on Pachelbel’s « Canon in D. »

Other solo Parks albums are 1982’s Jump (songs adapted from the stories of Uncle Remus and Brer Rabbit), 1990’s Tokyo Rose (the history of Japanese/U.S. relations from the 19th century) and 1997’s Moonlighting: Live at the Ash Grove. There have been film scores and children’s books, and scores for a dizzying array of talent, including Little Feat, Arlo Guthrie and Bonnie Raitt. In the 80s and 90s, Aaron Neville, Carly Simon, Bonnie Raitt, Bruce Springsteen, Fiona Apple, Eliza Carthy and The Buena Vista Social Club were among the benefactors; more recently, Rufus Wainwright, Inara George, Silverchair and The Shortwave Set alongside Newsom.

But for fans, those initial three albums are still his most fascinating and satisfying works, slices of American musical history that are of their time and yet truly timeless. As wrote about Song Cycle, “nothing escapes Parks’ radar, and the sheer eclecticism and individualism of his work is remarkable. The album is both forward-thinking and backward-minded, a collision of bygone musical styles with the progressive sensibilities of the late ’60s… a one-of-a-kind record, the product of true inspiration.

Van Dyke Parks

Born in Mississippi in 1943, Parks was extraordinary even as a child, a musical prodigy and actor who later became a session musician, composer, producer, arranger, lyricist, and singer. His own music is as cinematic, fantastical and even phantasmagorical as it is from the heart. Song Cycle was less conventionally pop, in verse-chorus fashion, than Smile; the mood was something like a baroque psychedelic dream filtered through Disney and music hall. Discover America was a major departure, with most songs written by pre-war Calypso musicians from Trinidad & Tobago but given Parks’ highly individual spin. Clang Of The Yankee Reaper further wove New Orleans, classical and pop strains alongside Calypso and Caribbean rhythms.

There have been more albums since, plus film scores, children’s books and arrangements for a dizzying array of talent (including Bruce Springsteen, Bonnie Raitt and Rufus Wainwright), but the jewels in Parks’ legacy remain those first three albums, slices of musical history both of their time and truly timeless.

Bella Union will release Song Cycle, Discover America and Clang Of The Yankee Reaper in June 2012.

BELLA UNION Record label owned and operated by Robin Guthrie and Simon Raymonde


L’oreille aiguisée volume 22

24 Mai

DON PRESTON Filters, Oscillators & Envelopes 1967-82 sur le label belge Sub rosa

24 Mai

Previously Unreleased Electronic Music From Original Mothers Of Invention Keyboardist.

One could hardly not see in Don Preston a key musician within Frank Zappa’s oeuvre. He is not only that, but his presence has marked The Mothers’ major records from 1966 to 1974. His touch was already there before the arrival of Ian Underwood, and it continued after Ian left. You all remember King Kong (its magnificence as interpreted by Dom DeWild) from the second Uncle Meat suite. A certain form of jubilation emanates from this track, thanks to Preston’s fluid style and lightly astringent tone on the Moog synthesizer – that instrument never sounded quite like that before or after. This might have to do with his double training, his twin interests, since he had been simultaneously working with Gil Evans and listening intensely to Luciano Berio, Karlheinz Stockhausen, and Tod Dockstader. Immersed in jazz music, he was imagining secret ties with the nascent electronic music.

In the mid-’60s, Preston started developing an electronic instrument, using a home-made synthesizer and a series of oscillators and filters. Out of this instrument came Electronic (1967), his first piece. Two years later, he became a close friend of Robert Moog, and their discussions gave birth to a number of applications in relation with the flexibility of the instrument. Nowadays, you can’t mention the Mini-Moog without thinking of Preston. Bob Moog himself said about his solo in Waka Jawaka: « That’s impossible. You can’t do that on a Moog. ». Filters, Oscillators & Envelopes features the other side, the hidden side of Don Preston: the composer of purely electronic music.

tracklisting CD/LP
01 Electronic Music (1967) 15’21
02 Analog Heaven #1 (1975) 10’24
03 Analog Heaven #2 2’16
04 Analog Heaven #3 3’47
05 Analog Heaven #4 2’28
06 Analog Heaven #5 1’31
07 Analog Heaven #6 3’06
08 Analog Heaven #7 2’51
09 Fred & Me (1982) 20’37 (bonus track on CD only)

Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd fondateur de STUDIO ONE dans une nouvelle compilation pour le label SOUL JAZZ RECORDS

24 Mai

Soul Jazz Records continues it’s journey into the vaults of the mighty Studio One with this next instalment featuring everything from classic ska and rocksteady to the deepest roots, heaviest dub and dancehall roots.

As ever the album includes incredible reggae artists such as The Heptones, Ken Boothe, The Skatalites, Johnny Osbourne, Wailing Souls all of whom launched their careers at Studio One, 13 Brentford Road, under the guidance of Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd.

This album features some of the most in-demand and collectible Studio One tracks over the years, all digitally remastered. The sleevenotes are by Rob Chapman, author of the celebrated books about Studio One Records, ‘Never Grow Old’ and ‘Downbeat the Ruler’.

1. Slim Smith — Hip Hug
2. Ras Michael And The Sons Of Negus
3. Lord Tanamo — Keep On Moving
4. Wailing Souls — Trouble Maker
5. Rita Marley — Call To Me
6. Johnny Osbourne — All I Have Is Love
7. The Martinis — I Second That Emotion
8. Irvin Brown — Run Come
9. The Heptones — Give Give Love
10. Anthony ‘Rocky’ Ellis — Double Minded Man
11. Jackie Opel — The Lord Is With Me
12. Dub Specialist — Happy Feelings
13. Prince Lincoln — Live Up To Your Name
14. Ken Boothe — I’m A Fool
15. Reuben Alexander — Happy Valley
16. Larry Marshall — There’s A Fire
17. Rolando Alphonso — Rolando Special
18. Freddie McGregor — Homeward Bound

Ahmed Malek – Algerian Films & Television Recordings (1972​-​1979) a paraître sur le fabuleux label CARTILAGE RECORDS dirigé par DJ ARC DE TRIOMPHE

22 Mai

Following the steps of a rich algerian composer tradition, Ahmed Malek (1931-2008) borned of both arabic & berberian origin, gained a huge notoriety composing scores for some of the most emblematic movies of the post colonialism era: Omar Gatlato, Inspector Tahar’s Holiday, Mughamarat Batal… The « Algerian Maestro » as his following used to call him, remains a major personnality not only for his prominent 70’s recordings, but also for embodying a certain vision of modern Algeria. From dreamy maghrebic pop instrumental to obscure desert folk, Ahmed Malek’s works for films showcases a dive into a fascinating yet haunting music.

In 1977 the « Radiodiffusion-télévision algérienne » (RTA) offered the composer the opportunitty to compiled some of his best efforts on a scarce 2xLP record which today remains nearly impossible to trace down. We’re proud to present you some of the finest tracks from the record along with rare material from the family archives. More than any, those picturehouse recordings selected here, are borrowing of mystery, hypnotism & blend of a beautiful melancolia.


To be announced very soon

PERSÉVÉRANCE VOLUME 57,Et pour écouter tout cela, il suffit de cliquer sur le lien sous la photo, bonne écoute

21 Mai
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Long Live Boogaloo 32 Rare Latin Boogaloos From Spanish Harlem sur le label us SECRET STASH

21 Mai

In the mid 1960s Latin teenagers in New York’s Spanish Harlem neighborhood created a new style of music called Latin boogaloo. The sound was a mix of the Cuban music they grew up with and American R&B like James Brown and Hank Ballard. It quickly caught on and before long the young purveyors of this new sound were taking business from the likes of Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez, and Eddie Palmieri. Soon the established acts reluctantly joined the craze and recorded a smattering of Boogloos. However, many of them were not happy about it. In general they felt it was beneath them. Eventually a small group of the most powerful people in the Latin music business conspired to kill off the Boogaloo and make way for the burgeoning Salsa craze. Concert promoters, DJs, and venues were bribed to turn away any and all Boogaloo business. As soon as it came, it left.

Secret Stash Records is proud to present this double LP compilation of rare and hard to find Boogaloos. Each track has been selected with the help of veteran Boogaloo producer Bobby Marin. To help tell the story of the untimely demise of the genre, Secret Stash enlisted the services of legendary concert promoter and illustrator Izzy Sanabria (the man responsible for the artwork on most of Fania’s releases) to write liner notes. Additionally, all of the artwork for the album is comprised of rehashed versions of Sanabria’s now famous Boogaloo concert posters of the 60s. As always, each hand numbered, hand assembled double LP set includes a free download of the entire album and a re-sealable dust bag.(source label secret stash)


Johnny Rodriguez & Angel Rene
Sister Sue
Ozzie Torrens
Mia’s Boogaloo
Bobby Valentin
Funky Big Feet
Manny Corchado
Chicken and Booze
Louie Ramirez
The Boogieman
The Latin Blues Band
Take a Trip

Herbie Oliveri and The Latin Blues Band
We Belong Together
Bobby Quesada And His Band
Bataola Boogaloo
Pete Rodriguez
Petes Boogaloo
King Nando
Funky Shing A Ling
Johnny Zamot
Dance The Boogaloo

Louie Ramirez
Lucys Spanish Harlem
Bobby Valentin
Keep The Faith
Willie Bobo
Bes That Way
Johnny Zamot
Boogaloo Baby
Bobby Quesada And His Band
Ritmo Moderno
Johnny Rodriguez & Angel Rene
Cookin’ With A&J

Lenni Sesar
Straw Boss
George Guzman
Monguito Santamaria
Boogaloo Sabroso
La Cucaracha Brass
Lost In The Jungle
Ray Barretto
Pretty Mama
Bonus 45

Johnny Zamot
Fat Mama
Johnny Zamot

PERSÉVÉRANCE VOLUME 56,Et pour écouter tout cela, il suffit de cliquer sur le lien sous la photo, bonne écoute

20 Mai
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Rendons grâce au label anglais Mr Bongo qui oeuvre avec enthousiasme et pertinence sur les chemins vicinaux de la musique brésilienne ,cette fois un combo garage rock du Nordeste est a l’honneur

19 Mai

Another super rare gem from the Rozenblit catalogue, the self-titled about by The Gentleman from 1972. The LP, on Smog Records, was so rare only 200 copies were ever pressed for radio promotion and only three of the originals are now known to still exist today.

Formed by Hugo Leao (real name Hugo Filho) in 1966, The Gentlemen were a Garage-Rock band from Pernambuco (north-east Brazil) that came together via inspirations from the ‘Jovem Guarda’ movement and the 60?s psyche-rock sound from the UK. The group consisted of Hugo Leao (bass and vocal), Célio (rhythm guitar), Valmir (lead vocal), Saulo (drums), Enilton (guitar) and Carlito (keyboards).

‘Sorriso selvagem’ is the first track on the album and sounds like a mixture of Santana and Deep Purple.

The single ‘Christina’ merges psych sounds with the traditional Pernambucan percussion, Indian sitars & Moroccan lutes

The LP features fully reproduced original art, featuring beautiful drawings by Jomar Gama pressed on 180gm vinyl with original label art. Also available on CD and download.

Mr Bongo Records is a Brighton based independent record label, independent film and publishing company specialising in world music and art house / world cinema. It was formed in 1989 by David ‘Mr Bongo’ Buttle, and operated out of London until 2003.
Founded in 1989, in Berwick Street, London, later moving to Lexington Street and then finally to Poland Street. The Mr Bongo record label still exists over 25 years after the first shop opened, and a film label, Mr Bongo Films], was set up in 2004 to release lost classics from around the world.

Turkish Tradition: Masterpieces Of Turkish Musical Culture par CHRIS KING de l’immense label DUST TO DIGITAL

19 Mai

Another fantastic JSP set, this one documenting rare 78s from Turkey ca. the first half of the 20th century.Musicologists, 78 collectors, old-timey fans and world music enthusiasts will all get something out of this.97 tracks put together by renowned collector. Chris King, all fully remastered and annotated.Chris King from Dust To Digital giving a heap of Turkish 78s the pile-em-high, sell-em-cheap reissue treatment. Naff artwork and crap notes, but some marvellous music to wheedle out, no doubt

Gece Sahilden Acip Sandali Enginlere – MUNIR NUREDDIN SELCUK / Alamam Desti Emele – MUNIR NUREDDIN SELCUK / Kalamis Sarkisi – MUNIR NUREDDIN SELCUK / Esiri Zulfunum – MUNIR NUREDDIN SELCUK / Degildi Böyle Evvel – MUNIR NUREDDIN SELCUK / Gitti de Gelmeyiverdi – MUNIR NUREDDIN SELCUK / Hatirimdan Cikmaz – NEVZAT AKAY / Gelse O Suh Meclise – NEVZAT AKAY / Kar Beyaz Olur – AHMET SEZGIN / Dere Boyu – AHMET SEZGIN / Habersiz Bir Kiza Gonlumu Verdim – ISMAIL DEMIRDOGEN / Balikesir Baglari – ISMAIL DEMIRDOGEN / Verirdim Omrumden Istese Eger – SABITE TUR GULERMAN / Bu Mu As, Tan Nasibimiz – SABITE TUR GULERMAN / Cevizin Yapragi Dal Arasinda – NEZAHAT BAYRAM / Kizim Seni Sarhos, a Vereyim Miz – NEZAHAT BAYRAM / Arabaya Sen Bin Paytona Ben – MUZEYYEN SENAR / Cevrin Yetisir – MUZEYYEN SENAR / Asikindan Sen Nasil Biktin – SAFIYE / Her An O Siyah Gozlerinin Nuruna Yansam – SAFIYE / Muhayyer Turku – BAYAN MUSERREF / Hicaz Gazel – BAYAN MUSERREF / Koklasam Saçlarini – MUNIR NUREDDIN SELCUK / Sen Bu Yaylalari Yaylayamazsin – MUZEYYEN SENAR ISIL / and seventy-three more