JIMI TENOR & UMO – Mysterium Magnum (HERAKLES RECORDS/2015)

17 Juin


Jimi Tenor presents an instrumental album with the de facto Finnish national big band, UMO Jazz Orchestra. UMO is a professional 16-piece orchestra specializing in jazz and contemporary rhythm music. Throughout its history UMO has had a focus on Finnish composers and has performed hundreds of compositions that were made especially for UMO. Jimi Tenor is a Finnish composer and performing artist perhaps best known for his electronic music from the ’90s.Mysterium Magnum is his first album composed entirely for a big band. In 2003 Jimi Tenor took his own big band on a six-week European tour, which included stops at Montreux Jazz and North Sea Jazz Festival. Jimi Tenor then made three albums with afrobeat group Kabukabu: Joystone (2007, Sähkö), 4th Dimension (2008, Sähkö), and The Mystery of Aether (2012, Kindred Spirits); and in 2009, Jimi Tenor made an album with afrobeat legend Tony Allen called Inspiration Information (Strut). Mysterium Magnum was recorded at UMO’s rehearsal space at the YLE studios in Helsinki. The music on Mysterium Magnum is not typical big band music. It varies from mystical contemporary compositions like « Koneen Sydän, » « Huumatun Pako, » « Mysticum Minus, » and « Sähköinen Laji » to soundtrack themes like « Kratera » and « I Was Here. » On the album Jimi Tenor himself plays a Russian Ritm-2 synthesizer, tenor saxophone, and flute. All compositions and arrangements by Jimi Tenor.

01. Naulamatto
02. Blue Ural
03. Mysticum Minus
04. Kratera
05. Koneen Sydän
06. I Was Here
07. Ghost Warrior
08. Sähköinen Laji
09. Sekava Kela
10. Selvänäkijä
11. Kollaasi
12. Huumatun Pako

LISTEN HERE : http://www.decks.de/t/jimi_tenor_umo-mysterium_magnum/c5d-lj


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