belle découverte que cette réédition ,il s’agit la d’un combo d’albion des 70’s,stuart murdoch de Belle & Sebastian aurais sans doute pas renié l’album

25 Jan

Mind-blowing OTT deluxe reissue of one of the true Holy Grail’s of the UK’s psychedelic underground, A To Austr’s dazzling 1970 LP Musics From Holyground. Holyground was a label and recording studio – the UK’s first fully independent one – that was established in Wakefield in the late 60s. They released a slew of monster, mega-rare sides – legends like Gagalactyca, Astral Navigations, Bill Nelson’s fantastic debut LP, Northern Dream, Gygafo’s stunning Legend Of The Kingfisher, Thundermother et al – all recorded straight to mono in label head Mike Levon’s flat. A To Austr remains the central release to come out of this explosively creative scene, one of the most unique and magical UK psychedelic albums. The core group consisted of Levon himself, Chris Coombs and Brian Calvert with contributions from a pre-Be Bop Deluxe Bill Nelson and amazing female vocals from Yvonne Carrodus and ‘Denise’. The atmosphere is truly spectacular, with a lost England feel and a dusty underground vibe combined with stellar songwriting and the kind of stylistic range that sees them move from odd Kinks style vaudeville w/a heady dosed atmosphere through flashing psychedelic rock, aching acid folk, cranking psych/punk instrumentals and dazzling F/X soaked femme-fronted Eastern-tinged drone rock complete with explosive fuzz guitar. In many ways Musics From Holyground is the ultimate expression of the true late 60s/early 70s UK underground and represents the DIY/basement impulse better than any late-70s post-punk 7”. Long unavailable (originally pressed in an edition of 99 copies, even the previous vinyl reissue changes hands for a ton) this staggering labour of love edition is the ultimate version, with *that* cover shot faithfully reproduced on vintage 1970s bronze carton paper with a gatefold that opens to reveal a reproduction of the original lyric book and a stunning four page colour booklet that features memories from the players, amazing archival shots, cover photo out-takes and even three reproduced Holyground ‘business cards’. In an edition of only 500 copies, pressed on 180g vinyl with a heavy PVC slipcase, this is a triumphant reissue, the kinda package that makes you wanna force an iPhone up the nearest duds wazoo. One of my all-time Top 10 recordings, can’t possibly recommend this one enough. Reissue of the year and it’s only, uh, January. I wanna live inside this LP.
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