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THE SONG OF MY LIFE vol 3 : TANGER – la grande vie

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THE SONG OF MY LIFE vol 2 : Thierry Le Coq – pas d’apparat

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VINYL RECORD OF MY LIFE 78 : Spectrum ‎– Forever Alien (Space Age Recordings/1997)

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A1 Feels Like I’m Slipping Away
A2 The Stars Are So Far (How Does It Feel?)
A3 Close Your Eyes And You’ll See
B1 Delia Derbyshire
B2 Owsley
B3 Forever Alien
B4 Matrix
C1 Like….
C2 The New Atlantis
C3 The End
C4 Sounds For A Thunderstorm (For Peter Zinovieff)
D1 Liquid Intentions
D2 Sine Study

VINYL RECORD OF MY LIFE 77 : Spectrum & Silver Apples ‎– A Lake Of Teardrops (Space Age Recordings/1999)

30 Avr


A1 Streams Of Sorrow
A2 Sixth Sense
A3 The Edge
A4 Second Sight
A5 Whirlwind
A6 (I Don’t Care If You) Never Come Back
B1 I Don’t Care What People Say
B2 Walkin’
B3 Again
B4 The Owl

RECORD LABEL OF MY LIFE VOL 19 : Shimmy Disc : MY TOP 15 (Shimmy Disc is a New York City neo-psychedelic label founded in 1987 by Kramer)

29 Avr

Patrick Guy Sibley Huntrods alias Pat Fish des The Jazz Butcher en septembre 1991 dans Les Inrockuptibles

27 Avr

« j’ai eu trois collection disque dans ma vie que j’ai toute vendues pendant des passages difficile de ma vie » , « je viens de me taper la  plus longue dépression de ma vie ,pour motif sentimental,ma seule compagnie etait mon chat et même lui me faisait la gueule » dixit Pat Fish des immenses THE JAZZ BUTCHER (dans les inrocks en septembre 1991)

J’ai eu mille vies professionnelles et sentimentales , je me reconnais trait pour trait dans les propos de Pat Fish ,j’ai eu toute au long de mon existence des immenses trous air financier qui m’ont obligé à revendre maintes fois ma collection disque,il y a certain album que j’ai du racheter facilement 5 fois ,c’est l’histoire de ma vie ,faite d’achat et de revente de disque en quasi permanence , sur une collection de douze mille disques il me reste à peine une  petite centaine de vinyle.A l’époque de la sortie de l’album Condition Blue , j’ai commencé aussi à piquer du nez pour finir en dépression ,mais à l’inverse de Pat fish les raisons ne sont pas sentimental ,la vrai raison c’est que l’aventure chez babouin 1er à Colmar commençait  à partir en sucette. A.P

Happy Rhodes – ECTOTROPHIA ( Ectotrophia is out June 29 from Numero Group as a double vinyl or single CD)

26 Avr

Ectotrophia tracklisting:

01. Oh The Drears
02. I Cannot Go On
03. Would That I Could
04. Where Do I Go
05. For We Believe
06. When The Rain Came Down
07. If Love Is A Game, I Win
08. I’m Not Awake, I’m Not Asleep
09. Baby Don’t Go
10. Come Here
11. Don’t Want To Hear It
12. If So
13. I’ll Let You Go
14. Because I Learn
15. I Am A Legend
16. Perfect Irony
17. Many Nights
18. To Be E. Mortal

The first authoritative compilation of American dream pop artist Happy Rhodes, whose singular songwriting and four-octave vocal range emanated from the pastoral confines of upstate New York in the 1980s. Her melding of classical music influences with synthesizer and acoustic guitar, and her enchanting and idiosyncratic singing, are favorably compared to heralded English chanteuse Kate Bush. Fans of such artistic pop music would be remiss to overlook Rhodes’s similarly remarkable and otherworldly sonic transmissions, traversing tales of dreamers, outsiders, lovers and other lovely and terrifying creatures born of a wellspring of wild creativity and bold imagination. Affectionately remastered from the original tapes, Ectotrophia gathers essential songs from Rhodes’s mid-’80s salad days, many written when she was just a teenager—wildly ahead of her time and unafraid to bare her soul to regional audiences, the ectophiles who’d eventually coin an entire subgenre of pop music in her honor. Dive deep into ecto, with the woman who started it all.(Numero Group)

Florent Mazzoleni « The Man With the Golden Arm » MY TOP 16 (16 records reissued from near and far by Florent Mazzoleni)

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RECORD LABEL OF MY LIFE VOL 18 : akuphone Records : MY TOP 6 (in the disorder)

26 Avr

Launched in 2015, Akuphone is a French record label based in Paris. Created by Fabrice Géry (aka Cheb Gero), this independent name is dedicated essentially to rare global Pop & Folk Music. From the 1940’s to the 90’s, from 78-rpm microgroove to cassette tapes, Akuphone handles the whole range of audio broadcasting formats.

Akuphone’s productions are limited editions that range from new extended releases of vinyl records to creating original best of albums of artists and thematic compilations, as well as productions of today’s artists.

The catalogue is available in vinyl, CD, as well as digital formats. Each project starts with the restoration of original sound recordings and sleeves, to which a thorough documenting work is added: lyrics transcription and translation, research on the artist’s biography as well as the historical and political context of the original release.

Fabrice Géry, founder of the label, is a music enthusiast and collector, who worked as a record dealer for many years. He launched Akuphone in an “archiving” spirit, drawn by a desire to “explore the world through music”. In an archaeology-like approach, his goal is to put into the limelight the work of artists – musicians and singers – unknown to the general public or fallen into oblivion in the so-called “Western countries”. Far from supporting a romantic or fetishist vision of extra-Western music, the label aims at linking these productions to their historical and political contexts, placing them back in the social and cultural conditions in which they emerged. Motivated by this project, Martin Jay joined the label to contribute to its development.

Exploring the World in music

Akuphone follows in the wake of such collections as Ocora, Le Chant du Monde, Lyrichord and Folkways Records, although contrary to these, it does not aim at the “purity” or “authenticity” of these cultural forms of expression, so dear to the conservative approach of ethnomusicology. Rather on the other way, Akuphone’s productions attempt at decentring one’s point of view, one’s way to look at and listen to things through musical styles which have been shaped by the flow of intercultural exchanges – emphasized by globalization – and their various fusions. Akuphone ambitions to promote “hyphenated music” and its diversity without emphasizing such ambiguous notions as intermixing and hybridity, which can be considered as commonly accepted stances tinted with eurocentrism.

Akuphone’s Releasing Programme divides into Four Areas


Its first and main line focuses on rare global Pop & Folk Music – popular and folklore music – generally from Southern territories and also called “global sound” or “World Music”.


Its second line consists of ritual and ceremonial music: compiled according to the various types of rites (daily rites, spiritual or ceremonial rites), these field recordings originate from all parts of the globe.


Its third line concerns what can be called « propaganda music ». This collection includes a selection of original compilations that aims at rendering political and historical contexts through struggle hymns and revolutionary tunes.


Its fourth and last line is composed of works by current artists representative of the « hyphenated music ».