Mark Kozelek ‎– Rock ‘N’ Roll Singer (2000/Badman Recording ) and MARK KOZELEK – WHAT’S NEXT TO THE MOON (2001/Badman Recording ) REISSUE in 2015 in vinyl

23 Mar


First time on vinyl and limited to 2000 copies. Four years since Red House Painters’ ‘Songs For A Blue Guitar’ was released, with its near-legendary guitar solo on ‘More Like Paper’ (allegedly the reason behind the Painters’ parting of ways with their label, 4AD). Since then, legal difficulties have prevented the release of its follow-up, ‘Old Ramon’. Fans, therefore, must content themselves with this haunting, acoustic solo record from singer Kozelek in the interim. It’s as solemn, slow-paced and simmering as one would expect from the man who invented ‘slowcore’, but nowhere near as meandering as his main group could sometimes be. Songs like ‘Around And Around’ and the poignant elegy ‘Rose Marie’ have a Denver-esque quality to them, while Kozelek’s cover of AC/DC’s youth anthem ‘Rock’N’Roll Singer’ is almost unrecognisable. It’s amazing what a little minimalism will do.(rough trade)

 Record Store Day 2015 Release. Limited to 2000 copies and first time on vinyl. ‘​What’s Next to the Moon’ is a truly bizarre venture. Mark Kozelek, the long-standing maudlin singer-songwriter behind San Francisco’s introspective Red House Painters, has taken it upon himself to record blanched, acoustic versions of 10 songs by veteran Aussie metal monsters AC/DC. Kozelek is no stranger to cover versions, having previously tackled tracks by Neil Young, Simon and Garfunkel and Yes, but this particular pairing seems a risible mismatch. It’s hugely to his credit, then, that Kozelek bleeds from Angus Young and the late Bon Scott’s primal songs a beauty and melancholy that one would simply never have thought existed. Shorn of the originals’ noisome bluster and bravado, tracks such as ‘Walk All over You’ and ‘You Ain’t Got a Hold on Me’ acquire a plangent sensitivity, and even carnal howls such as ‘Love at First Feel’ and ‘Bad Boys Boogie’ resonate with a touching vulnerability. It’s a peculiar, unlikely triumph – who would have ever imagined that AC/DC were writing such tender, perfectly-formed gems before ladling their heavy-duty riffs all over them? Now, let’s just see Kozelek in Angus’s school shorts and cap.(rough trade)


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