KANAKU Y EL TIGRE – QUEMA QUEMA QUEMA ( Strut / Tiger’s Milk ) in May 2015

11 Mar


Strut in association with Tiger’s Milk proudly present the latest artist signing to the label: Lima, Peru’s Kanaku Y El Tigre.The band’s forthcoming albumQuema Quema Quema (meaning ‘Burn Burn Burn’ in Spanish) is the product of two years honing the Kanaku sound at the band’s Lima studio HQ and the result is a record which is feverish in intensity and which screams with joy and cries for help in the same breath. The album is a testament to their new found approach with its euphoric, unapologetically feel-good hooks littered with electronic jitters, ghostly delays, serene Hawaiian slide guitars and a chorus of other-wordly vocal harmonies.


  1. Kanaku Y El Tigre – Quema Quema Quema
  2. Kanaku Y El Tigre – Nunca Me Perdi
  3. Kanaku Y El Tigre feat. Leonor Watling – Pulpos
  4. Kanaku Y El Tigre – Quien Se Queda Quien Se Va
  5. Kanaku Y El Tigre – Si Te Mueres Mañana
  6. Kanaku Y El Tigre – Bubucelas
  7. Kanaku Y El Tigre – 10 Años
  8. Kanaku Y El Tigre feat. Pamela Rodriguez – Hacerte Venir
  9. Kanaku Y El Tigre feat. Sergi Cecimonster – Burn Burn Burn
  10. Kanaku Y El Tigre – Fin



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