Amancio D’Silva reissue by Vocalion records

12 Jan

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Vocalion proudly presents the first ever release of guitar genius Amancio D’Silva’s 1974 album Konkan Dance. Goan-born D’Silva came to the UK in 1967 and recorded five albums for EMI’s legendary ‘Lansdowne’ jazz series, under the aegis of producer Denis Preston. However, the last of these and arguably the best – Konkan Dance – was for unknown reasons never released. Its exclusive licensing on CD to Vocalion by the Amancio D’Silva Estate enables the world to hear some of the most beguiling examples of D’Silva’s blend of jazz, rock and Indian music in pieces such as What Maria Sees, A Street in Bombay and A Song for Francesca. On these sessions Amancio is accompanied by an all-star line-up including Stan Tracey, Don Rendell, Alan Branscombe and Clem Alford.

« Unreleased from 1974 comes this missing chunk of important British jazz fusion. Amancio D’Silva, a Goanese guitarist was already a veteran of indo jazz cocktails and this was to be his last recording for Denis Preston’s legendary Lansdowne jazz series. For unknown reasons this LP was never released, thankfully a master was traced and at last we can treat our ears to this unusual masterpiece. There is a simple brilliance to the first three of the four lengthy tracks here, which can only come from symbiotic music relationships and rich musical experience – not surprising really as the pedigree line up includes Don Rendell, Alan Branscombe, Clem Alford (sitar) and Stan Tracey. There’s a confidence in the subtle, creeping eastern psychedelics of each track, but this is all very real in terms of journey music, and not a deliberate attempt to get all druggy.
Through clever variations in pace and instrumentation we are taken to very different, maybe even mystic places and rarely have I heard as much joy and emotion in such simple form. I’d say it’s unlikely you will ever hear anglo-indian music as subtle or as beautiful as this.
Although the last track is a touch on the jazz rocky side, this is still a true peak in artistic creativity and recorded sound, and whether you intensely analyse your jazz, or like me, simply understand what it’s like to hear good music, this is totally unmissable. »
Jonny Trunk, Record Collector magazine, August 2006 (four out of five stars)



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