Scott Matthews ‎– Home Part 1 (Drag City/2014)

26 Nov


“Home Part 1” is the 4th studio release from Scott Matthews. The album is the first to be recorded by Scott himself. During late 2012, Scott had a vision, which was to build a home studio. This, however, was only part of the vision. Upon completion of the studio, the final part of the vision was to set about recording a full length album, without the help of an engineer or producer, which is something that Scott had never attempted before. The result of all this hard work is “Home part 1”, Scott’s most personal and beautiful album to date. Previously Scott was honoured by the guest appearance of Robert Plant on his album “Elsewhere”. “What the Night Delivers” featured another guest performance from legendary double bassist Danny Thompson whom Scott met whilst performing in Joe Boyd’s stage production of “Way to Blue-The Songs of Nick Drake”. “Home Part 1” features mainstay musicians, Sam Martin on drums and the wonderful Danny Keane on cello. Scott’s brother, Darren Matthews also makes an appearance, playing piano on the songs, “The Clearing” and “The Night is Young »

Il ne faut surtout pas confondre Scott Matthews l’immense songwriter anglais avec Scott Matthew le décevant songwriter australien.Pour ma part j’ai découvert  Scott Matthews en 2006 grâce à feu VIBRATIONS MAGAZINE,et notamment avec la très »   jeff buckleyienne » chanson « earth to calm ».

math 001


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