Roberto Opalio – Aurora Coelestis (opax records/2014)

21 Oct




Beautifully presented private press art edition 2xLP set LP from Roberto Opalio of Italian avantists My Cat Is An Alien in a hand-numbered/signed edition of only 50 copies: Aurora Coelestis is Roberto’s first non lathe cut/CD-R solo LP and it is an absolute monster. Sounding quite unlike anything he has done before, it consists of two extended tracks. The first is a beautiful slice of ghostly holy music made using nothing but glockenspiel fed through his patented ‘alientronics’. The glockenspiel playing is spectral and minimal, little puffs of cosmo tone that dance in angelic shapes somewhere just over the event horizon and as they are drawn through the cracked electronic gulf of Roberto’s F/X they are effectively shredded by dunts of huge metal teeth, with the kind of cracked cosmo violence of a Michel Waisvisz or a heavy metal Terry Riley working all-night flights from interplanetary radiation and reality-warping industrial steel. Alternately meditative and mind-breakingly harsh, this is a major statement of modern minimalism. The second piece, “Hic et Nunc”, applies the same cracked alientronics to vocals, with tunnels of disembodied angel vox flexing deep bass tones and hovering register leaps to the point of pure body ecstasy. A major release, beautifully packaged with a full-colour fold out insert, original mounted photograph, heavy duty vinyl, a download coupon, beautifully printed liners from Byron Coley (“like a golden shower delivered by Harry Partch”) and an extra “twin vinyl” LP featuring a proper original acrylic painting by Roberto on side A, this one comes very highly recommended!(opax records)



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