Pauline Anna Strom »Trans Millenia Consort « (Sanity Muffin No Cat /2014)

5 Oct


Re-issue of a San Francisco/Bay Area synth masterpiece from 1982. struggling from obesity and blindness, P. Anna Strom created some fantastic atmospheres geared towards relaxation and stress relief via modular and treated synths. extensive liner notes on the artist inside. mega rare album coveted by vinyl collectors. here’s your chance to get an analog copy on the cheap. Limited to 100 numbered copies.

Another major coup from Sanity Muffin, with an edition of 100 copies reissue of this amazing San Francisco weirdo synth private from 1982: a major rarity, the genesis of Trans Millenia Consort is just as off the map. Strom was suffering from obesity and the on-set of blindness and decided to try to work through her experience using meditative modular synth stylings and electronic treatments. The results are amazing, combining a raw, cracked, vulnerable real people vibe with water sounds, distant eerie keyboards that could almost be a haunted Monopoly Child and that classic Corwood-jams-Zeit appeal of Edmond De Deyster/JD Emmanuel et al. Sad, beautiful, strangely moving, another major excavation by Sanity Muffin, great liners too, very highly recommended!(source:Sanity Muffin No Cat)





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