Andy Bey »Pages From An Imaginary Life »(HighNote/2014)

4 Oct


Solo. Playing and singing the songs that Andy Bey chooses finds Pages From An Imaginary Life as an intimate self portrait of a vocal artist. Bey digs deep and takes forgotten gems for a new round of melodic discovery. Tunes are deconstructed and reassembled his way with an organic feel that allows the listener to join this extremely talented vocalist on a very special harmonic journey. Songs are reborn with a personal interpretation of both style and elegance that embraces the notion of less is more. Simplicity is indeed the ultimate in sophistication.
Highlights are numerous including an intense yet dialed down version of « I’ve Got A Right To Sing The Blues » which pairs nicely with the classic « Love For Sale » which unlike other male singers, Bey’s interpretation is in first person. Rare gems such as the Billy Eckstein classic « Everything I Have Is Yours » take flight while original compositions such as « Bad Luck May Be Good Luck » have an amazing sincerity with heartfelt lyrics easily relatable to a wide audience.
Andy Bey is an American original, a story teller of great depth and amazing clarity. His vocals and piano style simple enhance the ethereal flavor of an artist that doesn’t just sing the words, he makes the music.
Stellar!(Brent Black /

An extraordinarily gifted vocalist with the soul of a poet.
J’ai eu la chance de voir en concert l’immense ANDY BEY au Jazzhaus de Fribourg en Allemagne en mars 2005.J’en garde un super souvenir et notamment une belle cover du « riverman » de NICK DRAKE,mais aussi un petit tonneau sur l’autoroute par temps de neige.Les concerts forment la jeunesse.




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