THE GO BETWEENS »Volume One Box Set (domino records/2014)

3 Oct


Domino are honoured to announce the upcoming Autumn 2014 release of an extraordinary anthology for one of the most beloved and influential Australian groups of all-time, The Go-Betweens.

G Stands For Go-Betweens Volume One extensively documents the band’s origins in an ambitious box containing four vinyl albums, four compact discs and an extensive 112-page book, featuring a trove of archival photos and extensive historical liner notes from founding member Robert Forster, along with additional pieces from guest essayists, fans and contemporaries.The box set captures the band’s output from 1978 through 1984 and includes the first vinyl re-pressings of their first three studio albums in over thirty years (Send Me A Lullaby, Before Hollywood & Spring HillFair), all re-mastered from the original analog tapes. G Stands For Go-Betweens also brings together theirearly classic and collectible singles together on a fourth vinyl LP entitled The First Five Singles, featuring new artwork from its creators. Additionally, the set comes with four compact discs of rare, hard-to-find andunreleased demos, recordings, radio sessions and a complete live concert radio broadcast from 1982. If that’s not enough, the set comes with a silkscreen of their first promotional poster for their debut single, “Lee Remick”, as well as a reproduction of their very first press release from their own Able Label.

The first 600 orders will get a randomly selected book from the late Grant McLennan’s personal literary collection along with a specially-printed bookmark signed by Robert Forster, certifying their veracity. Many of those books themselves were also signed by McLennan as he had a habit inscribing his signature, the date and the city of acquisition in the front pages (though no guarantee that every book will have said inscription… luck of the draw). Recipients will be invited to join the Grant McLennan Literary Society over at to share anecdotes and book reports on the copies their receive. A small quantity of G Stands For Go-Betweens will be made available to select retail outlets at the end of the year in select markets for the holidays. However, as this is a deluxe limited package, we will only be pressing this very special collection once and the only way to guarantee your own copy is to order from Domino Mart HERE.

The Go-Betweens were formed by Robert Forster and Grant McLennan in Brisbane, Australia in 1978 while matriculating at the University of Queensland. The duo, augmented by various drummers and guests, recorded a series of acclaimed singles for seminal Australian labels such as their own Able Label and Missing Link. After a sojourn to London and Glasgow that led to their brief relationship with the legendary Postcard label, they were joined by their more permanent rhythmic counterpart, drummer Lindy Morrison, upon their return home prior to recording their debut album, Send Me A Lullaby. That release brought them to the attention of Rough Trade and a more permanent re-location to London. It was then the band recorded their breakthrough album Before Hollywood. Produced by John Brand (Aztec Camera, The Waterboys), the album contains some of the group’s most beloved recordings, including McLennan’s “Cattle And Cane” and Forster’s “By Chance”. Shortly thereafter, McLennan would hand off bass playing duties to new member Robert Vickers, who joined the group prior to the recording of Spring Hill Fair.

During their initial phase, the group went on to record three additional albums for Beggars Banquet (to be documented in Volume Two) before splitting up in 1989 in spite of their greatest commercial success with the album 16 Lovers Lane. Forster and McLennan went on to extensive solo careers before reuniting in 2000 and making three more Go-Betweens album together (to be documented in Volume Three), including the ARIA-winning finalé, Oceans Apart. Sadly, the reunion came to a sudden end when McLennan passed away on May 6th, 2006 from a heart attack and The Go-Betweens disbanded for good. It would be hard to overstate the shadows cast across the musical landscape of the last three decade by the Go-Betweens’ self-ascribed “striped sunlight sound”. The duo of McLennan and Forster ranks alongside the best of the best songwriting partnerships, influence younger musicians both expected (such as Belle & Sebastian who reference the group on “Shoot The Sexual Athlete”) and unexpected (as with the late, great Jay Retard’s fiery cover of “Don’t Let Him Come Back”). This anthology is sure provide inspiration to a new generation of musicians while providing a very special personal experience for the existing fans.(source domino records)

• (4) four vinyl LPs, including their first three studio albums and a compilation of their first five non-LP
• (4) four compact discs of of rare, hard-to-find and unreleased demos, recordings, radio sessions and a
complete live concert radio broadcast from 1982
• (1) one 112-page book featuring a trove of archival photos and extensive historical liner notes from
founding member Robert Forster, along with additional pieces from guest essayists, fans and contemporaries.
• (1) one silkscreen reproduction of the promotional poster for their debut single, “Lee Remick”.
• (1) one reproduction of the very first Go-Betweens press release from their own Able Label.
• all encased in hard “clamshell” box with gold debossing.
• first 600 orders worldwide get a book from Grant McLennan’s personal library and signed bookmark from Robert Forster
• box set comes with complimentary 24 bit WAV or 320 kbps downloads of the remastered LPs.


  • DISC 01

  • 01. LP #1 – The First Five Singles
  • DISC 02

  • 02. LP #2 – Send Me A Lullaby
  • DISC 03

  • 03. LP #3 – Before Hollywood
  • DISC 04

  • 04. LP #4 – Spring Hill Fair
  • DISC 05

  • 05. CD #1 Life As Sweet As Lemonade Rarities Volume One: 1978-79
  • DISC 06

  • 06. CD #2 Skeletons That Cry Rarities Volume Two: 1980-81
  • DISC 07

  • 07. CD #3 Live 82 Rarities Volume Three: Live at The Mosman Hotel April 23, 1982
  • DISC 08

  • 08. CD #4 A Suicide Note To Satan Rarities Volume Four: 1982-84




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