NLF3″PINK RENAISSANCE »(Prohibited records/2014)

17 Sep

nlf3 001

NLF3 was formed in 2000 in Paris by brothers Nicolas and Fabrice Laureau
(aka Don Nino and F / Lor ), after the split of Prohibition, their former band.
In 2006, the first drummer Ludovic Morillon was replaced by Mitch Pires.
The trio plays instrumental rock, textured with electronics, halfway between movie score and psychedelic transgressions. The trio cites a host of influences in their interviews, from repetitive music to experimental rock, from the Afrobeat of Fela Kuti to the Tropicalia of Tom Zé .

NLF3 released its inaugural double album Part 1 – Part 2 in 2000, and they started performing concerts during the same year. The album is a kind of manifesto that defines NLF3’s sound.  In 2003, they released the album Viva !, which artwork was designed by Gaspirator (member of the electronic duo Justice) and the trio started to tour abroad.

In 2004, they started to perform live with the movie Que viva Mexico! by Sergeï Eisenstein and this gave them an international exposure (Russia, Mexico, Japan, Europe, UK… ). The album Music For Que Viva Mexico! was recorded in studio and was released in 2006. This episode was followed the next year by the creation of two other live soundtracks: on Die Abenteuer Des Prinzen Achmed by Lotte Reiniger and on Ai by Takahiko Iimura.

At spring 2008, they released the EP Echotropic, the sleeve was designed by Japanese artist Yu Matsuoka, and constituted an important return to the spotlight. This release was followed by the albums Ride On A Brand New Time (2009) and Beautifull is The Way To the World Beyond (2010) and finally the EP of unreleased tracks Beast Me, autumn 2011. This last collector EP ended a dense cycle of recording sessions, releases and international tours, that included festivals such as The Great Escape,Osheaga, Villette Sonique or La Route Du Rock.

They were comissioned for a new score on the Expressionist movie Der Golem by Paul Wegener in 2012 by Cité de la musique in Paris. On this occasion the trio invited experimental guitarist Erik Minkkinen from Sister Iodine to join its performances
In 2013, the trio recorded a new album which title is still secret.(source:prohibited records)



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