Dabke – Sounds Of The Syrian Houran

16 Juin

A great compilation of modern Dabke – Syrian dance music with heavy rhythms, chant vocals and uber-insistent beats – and progressive takes on the traditional sounds of the region! It’s essentially a modernized take on the traditional celebration music of Houran region – with some electronic beats along with hand percussion and chant vocals – upping the energy and intensity of the sound. Wonderful stuff culled from cassettes and other sources around the cities of Daraa, Suweida and Damascus from late 90s onward. Includes « Love Is Not A Joke » and « Ma Dal Anouh » by Ahmad Al Kosem, « Mili Alay » Mohamed Al Ali, « Your Love Made My Head Hurt » by Abu Sultan, « Deg Deg Dagdego » by Abu Wafsi, « Instrumental Mejwiz » by Obeid Al Jum’aa and « Afrah Houran » by Faraj Kadah & Ashraf Abu Leil.

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