gros coup coeur pour ce premier album d’un duo Multi instrumentiste basé a Amsterdam

1 Mai

Seamus Cater & Viljam Nybacka
This song duo has been playing since 2009. The songs and music are related to the British folk revival of the 1960s and contemporary experimental acoustic music. We have toured throughout Europe and America and in March 2012 we released our first album; a limited edition LP called The Anecdotes. The Anecdotes was recorded in New York by Shahzad Ismaily and released on the similarly titled Anecdotal Records.(source page internet du groupe)

Bas Jan Ader 07:15
Muybridge Last Stand 03:58
The Softest Horns 03:39
The Folk Music 03:41
We Built a Mountain 01:41
Early Riser 05:50
Greenland Bound 04:43
The Piano 04:33
Your Terrible Facade 00:56
Alexis Lapointe 06:34

Seamus Cater – Voice, Rhodes, concertina, re-tuned harmonicas
Viljam Nybacka – Drums, voice, ukulele, guitar, percussion

And featuring:
Jeff Carey – Mastering and reverb on track 1
Shahzad Ismaily – Recording and bass on tracks 3,6 & 7
Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson – trumpet and horn on track 2

A hushed, enchanting blend of genuine British folk revivalism with stimulating, literary songwriting and experimental instrumentalism, crafted and subtle. Nodding to Ewan MacColl and Peter Bellamy, also Robert Wyatt, the duo play concertina, ukelele, Rhodes, harmonica, percussion, guitar — with Will Oldham’s engineer on bass, and Eirikur Orri Olafsson from Mum dropping by on trumpet. Based around a series of imaginative portraits of artists including Muybridge, Prokofiev, and MacColl, this is great stuff, fully engaging, warmly recommended, in a limited, numbered edition to kick off their own label.(source bandcamp)


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