l’apôtre de la réédition afro MR Frank Gossner alias voodoo funk edite un 45t toujours via l’excellent disquaire de Brooklyn ACADEMY RECORDS

23 Avr

” Most Eastern Nigerians of a certain age hold a special place in
their hearts for the music of The Apostles, the musical group based in
the commercial city of Aba and best known for their string of folksy
pop hits from the mid-1970s into the early 80s. More hardcore
scenesters, though, may remember the band’s more obscure early years
as an unruly highlife-and-Congo music bar band, and their
transformation into rugged soul outfit to replace departing hometown
heroes The Funkees of Aba, who were getting set to relocate to London.
Under the leadership of guitarist Walton Arungwa and fronted by singer
Chyke Fussion Okoro, the Apostles of Aba (also known as The Apostles
Rock Group of Nigeria) were quickly signed as the first pop act on the
newly-formed, Aba-based BEN label. The group’s first single “Down Down
the Valley” b/w “Battery Rock” was a massive smash that financed the
rapid expansion of BEN (which would eventually evolve into Clover
Records). The Apostles’ second BEN single–”Onye Akpa” b/w “Oshi
Onwu”–while slightly more obscure was an even more intense funk
workout. Having proven their mettle locally, the Apostles were then
snapped up by EMI Records and began their reign as pop stalwarts.
Their earliest recordings, however, remain a testament to their funky
– Uchenna Ikonne, Comb & Razor


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