un livre dans la langue de Shakespeare sur SCOTT WALKER par THE WIRE ainsi que le premier album solo de PAUL BUCHANAN ex THE BLUE NILE

3 Avr

A new book of essays on Scott Walker, the 60s pop star turned avant gardist, will be out May 17 via The Wire magazine and Orion Books. Titled No Regrets: Writings on Scott Walker, the collection features meditations on Walker’s life and work, ranging from his 1960s records with the Walker Brothers to his later, more abstract solo material. It was edited by Wire editor Rob Young.
Contributors to the anthology include David Toop, Damon Krukowski of Galaxie 500/Damon & Naomi, Ian Penman, Stephen Kijak (director of Scott Walker: 30 Century Man), and more.

Paul Buchanan, mainstay of Glaswegian soulful pop perfectionists The Blue Nile, will release his debut solo album ‘Mid Air’ on May 21st 2012 on Newsroom Records via Essential. ‘Mid Air’ will feature 14 songs written, performed and produced by Paul Buchanan and was recorded at home, at a friend’s house on the East Coast of Scotland, and at Gorbals Sound in Glasgow, a new state of the art studio in Glasgow. Tracklisting is below (source cathedralsofsound.blogspot)

1. Mid Air
2. Half The World
3. Cars In The Garden
4. Newsroom
5. I Remember You
6. Buy A Motor Car
7. Wedding Party
8. Two Children
9. Summer’s On Its Way
10. My True Country
11. A Movie Magazine
12. Tuesday
13. Fin De Siècle
14. After Dark


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