deux superbes compilations,une chez moi j’connais records l’autre chez Mississippi records

2 Avr


Moi J’Connais Records are proud to announce that Dusty Cabinet is back! After the huge success of the first volume which has been sold out in almost 2 months, Beatman’s weird and surprising selection comes once again! After the obscure rock & the roll from all around the world of volume 1, Beatman worked on a special Christmas issue. This time, really obscure songs are mixed with super known ones. Mysterious religious freaks from Zurich cross greek underground ultra dusty sounding rembetiko, Louis Armstrong echoing revival English folk hero, pure gospel facing radical hard bop. Once again, the sweet boss of legendary Voodoo Rhyhtm Records propose the “best of” his Dusty Cabinet online Radio Show that has been broadcasted for years now.

A1 The Reverend Kelsey – I’m A Witness For My Lord A2 Louis Armstrong – Go Down Moses A3 Jack Hammer – Rebellion A4 Miles Davis – Blue Xmas A5 Sister Rosetta Tharpe – Two Little Fishes And Five Loaves Of Bread A6 Sanni Purmonen – Karjalani Rahvas A7 Staple Singers – I Had A Dream A8 The Believers – Einst War Die Welt
B1 Django Reinhardt – Halleluya B2 Eartha Kitt – Angelitos Negros B3 Narvel Felts – You Gave Me A Mountain B4 Louis Killen – The Black Leg Mines B5 Greek Song (rembetiko) B6 Odetta – God’s Gonna Cut You Down B7 The Jesus Lovers – Du

An excellent collection of rare regional gospel recordings from the 60s through the 80s – all of them with a timeless feel that really fits other collections of this nature from Mississippi Records! Despite the vintage of the tracks, most of them have a very spare sound – just vocals and a bit of instrumentation, usually guitar or organ – a raw, rootsy approach that’s completely sublime, and which shows that the best gospel modes are still going strong, as long as you know where to look! The voice is supreme in most numbers – and titles include « Time Has Made A Change » by Southern Jubilees, « Ain’t It Sweet » by Southland Missionary Singers, « What A Friend We Have In Jesus » by Fantastic Voices Of Joy, « What Time Is It » by Ethel Profit, « Up Above My Head » by Rev R Henderson, and « Your Close Friends » by Ike Gordon. ( Dusty Groove America source)


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