Real Life Is No Cool

25 Mar

The recent ‘Private’ releases did make a lot of italo and synth disco lovers happy. Here is another one that will make you smile! A compilation of scarce and sought after tracks which previously have only been released on 7 » somewhere in the late 70’s and early 80’s. A cosmic journey into early techno and modern club music prototypes. The cover artwork makes this release especially interesting for collectors due to the fact it is an artprint of a high valuable artwork called  »Space Lucy » by Pop and Space Art legend Charles Wilp (the last reprint costed 3000 euro). This release was supported by the german aerospace agency  »DLR », no joke!. Recommended with a smile!!


1 Bruno Spoerri – Hallo World
2 Schaltkreis Wassermann – Space Shuttle
3 Air – Hyperdrive
4 Ayisha – Space Man
5 Peter Moessers Music – High
6 Enigma – Cave Man
7 Cosmic Hoffmann – Spacedisco
8 Joyce – Sweet Dreams

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