los angeles free music society

24 Mar

disc 1

01. intro
02. dr odd: neil schneck
03. electric willy: her father’s love
04. daniel stewart: somebody pooped in their pants
05. cheezit ritz: the lubricated braggart’s countdown
06. reet / craig / (la(webster7)0)
07. smegam: smell smoke
08. mr foon: oktaaves
09. the patients: half magic
10. wolf loop / outro
11. the professor: two or three unclaimed male negro corpses
12. dk reet meat: still life
13. le forte four: japanese super heroes
14. gods of the pits: the return of the pyramidal oinksnovs
15. smegma: ya gotta geek the geeker
16. ace=1, c/s – helene elana armand / hea / aos
17. ju suk reet meate / reet solo: real bass
18. mr foon’s bandaloon: microphobia
19. frank bedal: just don’t forget, frank is the boss
20. gage kenady: when my husband sees me naked
21. ace farren ford: barnyard ben
22. ed barger: e coli
23. smegam: whatever
24. the reverend toad-eater: yosemite follies
25. electric willy trio: oh why
26. the di-de-dos: the seine

disc 2

01. intro
02. bix flent: stoning dead dolphilns
03. ace & duce: mr poo-bah’s pinball machine
04. amy dewolfe: frogsies and fisheggs zuking mushroom headtops in the swamp
05. rick potts: don’t think
06. doo-dooettes: from the desk of…
07. introduction by larry fischer & smegma
08. patrick dutchboy lubotamy: delayedelusions
09. henry kaiser: mal que arroz
10. reet / craig: acnode ape
11. mr foon: non-trendy guitar piece — 1977
12. electric willy trio: truck-drivin’ song
13. outro by larry fischer & smegma
14. intro
15. dennis duck: evolution song
16. joe potts: heartphase hotel
17. medley
smegma: bubs enter a cold hard world
harry halibut & his band renoun: the bub walk
18. electric willy trio: cow town blues
19. the reverend toad-eater: west side alden street story
20. the reverend doad-eater: alden street
21. medley
the new los grifos band: joe hall’s dead
dr id: idpiece codpiece
ju suk reet meate: hot bee’s head hit the wax
22. patients: rodan
23. chip chapman: red light, auto flight
24. sucmeof the spud: betty moons it
25. ace & duck: yolyer dan’s uh stop sign
26. the child molesters: muscle beach party
27. charles wasserburg: my skateboard high

disc 3

01. frank rietta & jimmy belton: margie
02. ace=1, aos c/s: examining upstart art
03. jerry bishop: a hot time in the city
04. smegma: son of geek
05. ark welding / ace farren ford: duet
06. mr foon: brother from another world
07. hurtin’ bros: wino park
08. dr id / now: kronjoes
09. lance growler richard snyder: your fish is my demand
10. smegma: ballad of a dwarf
11. ace farren ford: no gestalt diet plan
12. alcool mike russe: overby
13. electric bill trio: broken rage
14. nopar king: knock wood
15. smegma: 76 port
16. hurt’n broz: hard to the core
17. christian death: art
18 . the south pasadena free music ensemble: part one
19: the south pasadena free music ensemble: part two
20. the south pasadena free music ensemble: part three
21. lance growler richard snyder: jane caldwell picnic twitch
22. gage kenady: happy hour tv daydream
23. frank jr & phil rietta: near you

disc 4

01. doo-dooettes: i just fell…
02. the los angeles free music society marching band: (live)
03. the los angeles free music society marching band: (live)
04. the los angeles free music society marching band: (live)
05. the los angeles free music society marching band: (live)
06. the los angeles free music society marching band: (live)
07. the los angeles free music society marching band: (live)
08. the los angeles free music society marching band: (live)
09. the los angeles free music society marching band: (live)
10. ju suk reet meate: now you know
11. electric bill: medley
12. ace=1, aos c/s: post-teenage fertility rites
13. reverend marty nation: message
14. quaternium 15: ruk, connie & hans
15. anne harney: rad dream

The four CDs are packaged with a 32 page booklet of artwork and notes, and include nearly 3 hours of previously unreleased tracks! The LAFMS bridged the gap. Features performances by: Smegma, Le Forte Four, The Reverend Toad-Eater, Electric Willy Trio, the Di-Dee Dos, Ace Farren Ford, Rick Potts, Doo Dooettes, Henry Kaiser, Dennis Duck, Joe Potts, Chip Chapman, Ace & Duce, Child Molesters, Jerry Bishop, Nopar King, The South Pasadena Free Music Ensemble, Gage Kenady, Ju Suk Reet Meate, Reverend Marty Nation, many more.

« In January of 1976 the non-musician comedy team of Ace & Duce officially joined ranks with the newly formed Los Angeles Free Music Society for the legendary Spaghetti Works show in what was then truly old towne Pasadena with fellow stalwarts Le Forte Four and the Doo-Dooettes. When we had begun our forays into ‘free music’ we had figured to be lone venturers without peers, yet at this point we found ourselves in a sort of like-minded union. Enthusiasm reined supreme, who soon led us to the question of doing an album. For reasons that seem to escape me now, we decided to do a various artists compilation. Response was plentiful, so much so that before it was done plans were underway for a volume 2., which grew to become 2 records. It was a lot of fun. It was also a nightmare. Technology had not yet reached us, and suddenly we had many reels of tape and cassettes, all of varying quality or lack thereof, many with little or no information as to what exactly was on them. We were, in fact, forced to master volume 2 in mono due to varying levels and other technical hardships. Now due to the vision & lack of good sense on the part of Mr. Sheppard, we present the Blorp Esette experience, including volume 2 in stereo as originally intended, and many of the tracks that could not have been included in the original volumes due to time constraints and other maladies, with many new surprises. » — Ace Farren Ford.


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