Gravenhurst: The Ghost In Daylight a paraitre sur WARP le 1er mai

25 Fév


01 – Circadian
02 – The Prize
03 – Fitzrovia
04 – In Miniature
05 – (Carousel Interlude)
06 – Islands
07 – The Foundry
08 – Peacock
09 – The Ghost of Saint Paul
10 – Three Fires

‘the ghost in daylight’ is gravenhurst’s fourth full length album for warp records. gravenhurst is the work of songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer nick talbot from bristol, england. ‘the ghost in daylight’ is his most sonically diverse work yet, with starkly acoustic songs resting alongside densely layered pieces constructed from mellotrons, optigans and antique synthesizers. lead single ‘the prize’ is a dark meditation on recurring gravenhurst themes of compulsion, degradation and the possibility of transcendence, and contains some of nick’s finest lyrics to date: « as the house lights turn / reveal cigarette burns and the tide line / of last night’s cries of despair / that emanate from the underpass and echo back to anywhere / still the ties that bind us blind us to the emptiness of the prize ». but this atmosphere of menace is offset by a sublime vocal melody, soaring harmonies and swelling, majestic strings. ‘so far i’ve eschewed all use of string sections as they seem a cheap short-cut to emotionally manipulating the listener; ‘here’s a sad song, use a cello’. it can end up sounding pompous instead of epic. with ‘the prize’ i feel i’ve written something that can pull it off’. over the course of six startling and critically acclaimed albums, nick talbot has developed and retained a unique identity across multiple genres. « i like the idea of listening to gravenhurst as being to some degree an active rather than passive experience. the songs offer clues and form maps to a place that is partly given, and partly open to the listener to construct as they wish(source rough trade)


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