MON TOP DANS LE DÉSORDRE POUR L’ANNÉE 2001,40 ans ,40 tops de 1971 a 2001.40 ans de passion viscérale pour la musique

2 Jan


troublemaker -doubts and conviction
David Axelrod – David Axelrod (mo wax)
Buck 65 – Man Overboard
DJ Food & DK – Now, Listen!
Roots Manuva – Run Come Save Me
David S Ware – Corridors & Parallels
Mercury Rev – All Is Dream
Matmos – A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Cure
Tortoise – Standards
Spring Heel Jack & the Blues Series Continuum – Masses
Low – Things We Lost In the Fire
Electrelane – Rock It To the Moon
Shuggie Otis – Inspiration Information (réédition)
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Ease Down the Road
Saul Williams – Amethyst Rock Star
Herbert – Bodily Functions
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – No More Shall We Part
Fennesz – Endless Summer
Björk – Vespertine
Four Tet -Pause
Oval – Ovalcommers
Prefuse 73 – Vocal Studies & Uprock Narratives
Mouse On Mars – Idiology
Monolake – Cinemascope
Antibalas – Liberation Afro Beat: Vol 1
Femi Kuti – Fight To Win
N*E*R*D – In Search of…
cLOUDdEAD – éponyme album
DJ Krush – Zen
Yesterday’s New Quintet – Angles Without Edges
David S Ware – Corridors & Parallels
Dave Douglas – Witness
Funky 16 Corners compile by egon
In the Beginning There Was Rhythm compile Soul Jazz
Nigeria 70 -1er de la série compile Strut records
Philadelphia Roots compile Soul Jazz
Saturday Night, Fish Fry compike Soul Jazz
Neu! – Neu! 75 (réédition)
Phil Ranelin – Vibes from the Tribe
Gorillaz 1er album
Kings Of Convenience ‘Quiet Is The New Loud’
New Order ‘Get Ready’
Mogwai ‘Rock Action’
Sparklehorse ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’
Fugazi ‘The Argument’
Aphex Twin ‘Drukqs’
Rufus Wainwright ‘Poses’
Spiritualized ‘Let It Come Down’
Spearmint – A Different Lifetime
Laura Nyro – Angel In The Dark
The Czars – The Ugly People VS Teh Beautiful People
Squarepusher – Go Plastic
Tindersticks – Can Our Love
Luke Haines – Teh Oliver Twist Manifesto
Leonard Cohen – Ten New Songs
Nick Lowe – The Convincer
Sigur Ros – Agaetis Byrjun
Guided by Voices – Isolation Drills
Bilal – 1st Born Second
David Byrne – Look Into the Eyeball
Baaba Maal – Missing You (Mi Yeewnii)
Jim O’Rourke – Insignificance
Ron Sexsmith – Blue Boy
Chocolate Genius – Godmusic
Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
The Clientele – Suburban Light
Red House Painters – Old Ramon
Mark Kozelek – What’s Next to the Moon
Stereolab – Sound-Dust
Matthew Shipp – Matthew Shipp’s New Orbit
Hope Sandoval – Bavarian Fruit Bread
Doctor L – Psycho on da Bus
Hi-Tek – Hi-Teknology
Autechre – Confield
The Clean – Getaway
Ursula Rucker – Supa Sista
Hefner – Dead Media
Sébastien Tellier – L’Incroyable Vérité
Vincent Gallo – When
A Silver- Mt Zion Born into trouble as the sparks fly upward
Tricky – Blow back
Miossec – Brûle
Dominique A – Auguri
Dan The Automator Lovage – How to make love to your old lady
Nitin Sahwney – Prophecy
Kip Hanrahan – Drawn from memory
Christophe – Comme si la terre penchait
Susheela – Raman Salt rain
orchestra baobab – pirate choice
tom zé – jogos de amar
fela kuti coffret
omar sosa – prietos
jill scott – experience 806


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