gerald short via son label jazzman records réédite deux vinyles fort intéressant pour cette fin d’année

11 Déc

The label had intended simply to license the masters for the obscure ’77 Cali funk-soul single « What About The Child, » credited to otherwise unknown outfit Gold, for a direct 45 rpm reissue. And so began the search for the men behind this lavish, expansive soulful spin, the men who were Gold. Writer and producer Avelino Pitts was taken aback on first contact, but duly set about the not-so-simple task of locating and delivering these 35 year-old tapes. « I dug around, I started going all over and asking, and nobody knew where this was, » Pitts remembers. « And, no one — the studios, my brother — nobody had a copy of a tape. But my father had a shed in the back. Now this is in Las Vegas — not air conditioned — and this is a shed. And [after] all of these years of 100+ degree weather, he said, ‘why don’t you take a look in the shed?’ So I’m digging through boxes, covered in dust, spiders, and I come across this box of tapes! » And from those very tapes comes this long-awaited album. Unheard by human ears since 1974, this is the super sound of psychedelic soul, dancefloor funk and soulful ballads astonishing for their power and beauty. It’s incredible to find out that for one reason or another, this album was never released at the time, and in Jazzman’s interviews and liner notes (as well as never-before-seen pictures, photos and images), they reveal the fascinating story behind the band and why such good music has been kept in the dark for so long.


Side 1
1. « What About The Child »
2. « If You Can Dance »
3. « Ain’t That Funky Enough »
4. « Plastic Lady »
5. « People Will Be People »
6. « Gimme Some Love »
7. « You Are So Wonderful »
8. « Without You »
9. « Now I Know »
10. « What About The Child » (instrumental)


1. Rose Mitchell — Baby Please Don’t Go
2. Mr. Sad Head — Hot Weather Blues
3. Big Maybelle — I’ve Got A Feeling
4. Bunker Hill — You Can’t Make Me Doubt…
5. Jay Swan — You Don’t Love Me
6. Jack Tucker — Crazy Do
7. Little Arthur Matthews — I’m Gonna Whale…
8. Etta James — Nobody Loves You Like Me
9. Ervin Rucker — Baby You Were Meant For Me
10. Frances Burr — I Say No, No More
11. Mike Robinson — Lula
12. Big Tiny Kennedy — Country Boy
13. Little Esther — Hound Dog
14. Roy Brown — Mr Hound Dog’s In Town
15. Otis Blackwell — Let The Daddy Hold You
16. Eunice Davis — Get Your Enjoy’s
17. Marga Benitez — Geechie Goomie
18. Vernon Dilworth — Shorty
19. Terry Timmons — Got Nobody To Love
20. Jeannie Barnes — Can’t Get You Off My Mind
21. Arthur Griswold — Pretty Mama Blues
22. Ben Harper — I Can’t Takit No Longer

First ever compilation from Jazzman’s Jukebox Jam Series, compiled by founder and DJ Liam Large! Rockin’ Blues, Greasy R&B, Jump Blues and Popcorn! Bringing together tunes from the 45 series and adding a further 8 songs. There are a few sombre, downbeat moments here, but even these come with a seductive groove and finger-snapping back beat, enough here to keep your blood pumpin’ and rump shakin’!

Jazzman Records Ltd
Unit 22, Buspace Studios
Conlan Street


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