un nouveau disque de Demdike Stare :Elemental (Parts One And Two ) and exclusive mix by DEMDIKE STAR en écoute en toute fin d ‘article.

9 Déc

Part 1 – Chrysanthe
A1. Mephisto’s Lament
B1. Kommunion
B2. Unction
Part 2 – Violetta
A1. Mnemosyne
B1. In The Wake Of Chronos
B2. Violetta

Brand new material from Demdike Stare split into four parts – parts 1&2 are available together now and come housed inside a deluxe quadruple gatefold book-style outer that will house all four parts. Parts 3&4 will be sold separately in early 2012. Each part is pressed up on different coloured vinyl – limited to 1000 copies only It’s been almost a year since Demdike Stare finished their “Tryptych” of releases, and in the intervening months Miles Whittaker and Sean Canty have been busy touring and gradually piecing together sounds for this new series: Elemental. Made up of four parts: Chrysanthe, Violetta, Rose and Iris, parts One and Two are now available and come housed inside a lavish quad-gatefold book style cover that will hold all four parts when the series is complete early next year. The material itself features some of the most dense, eerie and evocative pieces ever recorded by Demdike, leavened by an almost industrial sense of rhythmic structure and atmosphere-building that creates a jet-black aesthetic only intermittently illuminated by shards of light. Although a double CD version of Elemental will become available in 2012, the tracklisting will be different, with most of the tracks appearing in altered versions on each format. That means that the majority of the tracks on this vinyl edition will not be available anywhere else in their present form. Mastered and cut at D&M (including some hidden locked grooves), the packaging features specially commissioned artwork by Andy Votel.

Elemental will also be released in a 2xCD edition in early 2012, but the tracks will be mostly different to the vinyl versions.


Words and Mix by Demdike Stare

This mix represents some of the least obvious, and further reaches of Demdike Stare’s music tastes. The main tracks are described below, which are mixed with anonymous loops and effects for added atmosphere…

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