L’excellente maison Rhino réédite en édition deluxe le premier album de TIM BUCKLEY. Un coffret gargantuesque de 46 chansons, des versions démos et acoustiques, bref du travail d’orfèvre.

20 Nov

1. I Can’t See You
2. Wings
3. Song Of The Magician
4. Strange Street Affair Under Blue
5. Valentine Melody
6. Aren’t You That Girl
7. Song Slowly Song
8. It Happens Every Time
9. Song For Janie
10. Grief In My Soul
11. She Is
12. Understand Your Man
13. I Can’t See You (Mono)
14. Wings (Mono)
15. Song Of The Magician (Mono)
16. Strange Street Affair Under Blue (Mono)
17. Valentine Melody (Mono)
18. Aren’t You That Girl (Mono)
19. Song Slowly Song (Mono)
20. It Happens Every Time (Mono)
21. Song For Janie (Mono)
22. Grief In My Soul (Mono)
23. She Is (Mono)
24. Understand Your Man (Mono)
25. Put You Down
26. It Happens Every Time
27. Let Me Love You
28. I’ve Played That Game Before
29. She Is
30. Here I Am
31. Don’t Look Back
32. Call Me If You Do
33. You Today
34. No More
35. Won’t You Please Be My Woman
36. Come On Over
37. She Is
38. Aren’t You The Girl
40. Wings
41. My Love Is For You
42. Song Slowly Song
44. I Can’t See You
46. Long Tide

Full track listing of Tim Buckley’s self-titled debut in both mono and stereo versions
46 songs re-mastered by original engineer Bruce Botnick (The Doors and Love)
Beautiful portfolio pack with tons of rare photos and artifacts
Book-deep liner notes by Thane Tierney about the recording of this magical psychedelic-pop masterpiece


my personal choice


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