L’immense KURT WAGNER alias LAMBCHOP publie un nouvel album. D’après le label il s’agit d’un disque en hommage a VIC CHESNUTT, Lambchop est un combo de NASHVILLE a géométrie variable, le line up changeant assez régulièrement depuis sa création circa 1990 ,Mr Kurt Wagner est évidemment le seul véritable membre et tête pensante du groupe, souvent comparé à tort a Tinderstick, Kurt Wagner n’a jusqu’à présent jamais déçu.

17 Nov

Mr M tracklist:
1. If Not I’ll Just Die
2. 2B2
3. Gone Tomorrow
4. Mr. Met
5. Gar
6. Nice Without Mercy
7. Buttons
8. The Good Life (is wasted)
9. Kind Of
10. Betty’s Overture
11. Never My Love

dispo chez city slang records:
It’s not all that interesting and certainly not worth too much space to write about. Oh well. City Slang is an independent record label, based in Berlin, Germany. (that’s really exciting!)… Formed by a former tour agent (Christof Ellinghaus), it became, almost by chance, a label for US bands that needed a release in Europe. Started exclusively to put out the Flaming Lips album „In A Priest Driven Ambulance (With Silver Sunshine Stares)“ it just so happened, that other bands, namely The Lemonheads, Das Damen and the mighty Yo La Tengo all were looking for somebody to release their respective albums in 1990. The story of the catalog can be found elsewehere on this website but the label ist still around today, 15 years after ist inception and that alone is good news. As it happenes with licensing contracts, they run out sometimes and thus our past catalog includes records from bands like Hole, Tortoise and Sebadoh, but in reality, today, we do not have the rights to these records anymore and can not sell them to you for that reason.



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